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Prezi for Group Project

This is a Prezi for use with the biotic factors and abiotic factors for biology for a zooming Prezi project.

Gabriel Rider

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Prezi for Group Project

Are shaped by... Abiotic Factors Natural Disasters WUB Ecosystems Some biotic factors in ecosystems are... Plants Carnivores/Predation Herbivores Some abiotic factors in ecosystems are... Natural Disasters Water Plant can be invasive
and taking over the native species that the
herbivores eat. Animals Tsunami affect ecosystems by
wiping out just about everything, above and below water, in it's path also harming its inhabitants. Temperature Humans Soil Wind Sunlight Deforestation is caused by humans In theTundra... Sculpts different landscapes via erosion Abiotic Factors such as... Wind also erodes landscapes And is a main component
in photosynthesis In the Tundra Biome... Abiotic Factors such as... Permafrost Wind Water Availiability Shape the Biotic Factors such as... Tree growth by Permafrost preventing... Having the a thick layer of frozen ground that prevents large root systems needed for the trees to grow Harsh Conditions such as... Strong winds Extremely Low Temperatures Provide little or no vegation for herbivorous animals such as the Reindeer to consume Carnivorous species in the Tundra such as Polar Bears eat fish from streams that are not covered in ice
during the
summer season
when the ice melt Another example of a biome is the Tropial Rainforest biome. Some abiotic Factors, like water can help
some biotic factors like... The balta nut tree,
which can provide water
for the balta nut, which can feed birds, like... The Toucan! which can feed multiple
things, like the Jaguar. But, some abiotic factors in the tropical rainforest, just like water, can cause natural disasters, like overflooding in the colonies of the Animals that live there. This is how biotic and abiotic factors affect...
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