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The Daguerreotype

No description

Garrett Martin

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of The Daguerreotype

1843 portrait industry born


$2 - $5 ($50 - $120 today)
The Daguerreotype
In the Beginning...
What is daguerreotype?
• Introduced in 1839 by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre (Josheph Niépce largely contributed to the creation of the process before his death in 1833)
o Niépce developed heliography, which is thought to be the world’s first permanent image, in 1822
o He worked off of Niépce’s method to create a quicker, more efficient process of capturing images
• First method of obtaining permanent images.
• By 1850, the daguerreotype had gained massive popularity in the US, especially in big cities like New York
The "Daguerreian Era"
Idea 4
Photography Over Time

Daguerreptype created
William Henry Fox Talbot creates the calotype, a negative-positive process on paper
George Eastman created flexible roll film and the first Kodak box camera
First flashbulbs created by Paul Vierkotter
First Polaroid cameras sold to the public, created by Edwin Herbert Land
Cannon releases the first digital camera
Present Day
High-speed, digital, professional cameras available to public

Juliette Busby
Garrett Martin
In Literature
The House of the Seven Gables
Song of Myself
"The camera and plate are prepared, the lady must sit for her daguerreotype"



Desire to capture a picture... laborious

Camera Obscura: 470 BCE > 1604
- Trace
- Adaptation

Enter Louis Daguerre, 1825
- Diorama Theater
- Invention
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