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My Goddess, By: Olivia Dres

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of My Goddess, By: Olivia Dres

My Goddess By: Olivia Dres
Family Connections
Aretina's mother is Aphrodite, and her father is Apollo.
Other Facts
Aretina has a gold wreath of olive branches around her head. She wears a completely white dress. She has golden, blonde hair, and light blue eyes. She has a pale skin, almost white. She has a soft voice, that can make anybody do anything. She is joyful, but when she gets mad things around the world get in fights, it depends on how mad she is. When she is very happy all wars stop and all fighting of any type stop.
My goddess is the goddess of...
My goddess is the goddess of peace and wisdom.
My goddesses symbol is a peace sign with a mist circling around it.
Aretina's strengths include, making anybody calm or peaceful; because she is the god of peace, stopping wars; also because she is the god of peace, and making any fight stop; and also because she is the god of peace, she also knows the answers to everything in the whole world; because she is the god of wisdom, she can charm-speak anybody even if they know how to resist it; because she is the daughter of Aphrodite.
She has very little weaknesses, if she gets mad at somebody her powers will go down about a centimeter, but when she is very happy everybody is happy and peaceful. If you get her mad enough her powers will stop working, but that has never happened before.
Why she is positive
She is positive because can create world peace. She also knows everything so if she is stuck in a situation she will know how to get out.
Why she is significant to the 21st century
She is significant to the 21st century because there is a lot of fighting going on around the world. We need peace. We also need more knowledge. People are dropping out of school because they get too frustrated, and we need to improve our earth. If people could only be nice to each other and try to work things out.

Why my god should be elected
My god should be elected to rule all gods because if any of the gods are fighting she can make them stop. If there was a war that they knew they couldn't win, she could use her powers to make the war stop, and they could get ready for the next attack, because they would know what weapons they had already, and they would know how powerful they are.
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