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graphic novels to film

No description

Elena Rodriguez

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of graphic novels to film

by Elena Rodriguez From Graphic Novel to Film A comic and a novel
A bounded narrative
Often done in a series
Contains a wide range of genres What is a Graphic Novel? "Bloodstar," by Richard Corbin

"Chandler: Red Tide," by Jim Steranko

"Beyond Time and Again," by George Metzger The "first" graphic novels: "Set to Sea," by Drew Weing Examples for Genres... "The Jew of New York," by Ben Katchor Myths about Graphic Novels: 1. Graphic novels are for adolescent readers alone.

2. Graphic novels can be read quickly and are appropriate for "poor readers." Francisca Goldsmith. "The Readers' Advisory Guide to Graphic Novels." Chicago: ALA. 2010. The Reference Interview: Reference Interview cont'd: 2. What kind of style appeals to you? Visual: how the artwork is drawn. Clear lines, soft pencil, computer enhanced, etc. Reference Interview cont'd: 3. What is your experience with graphic novels? Curiosity
Comic book reader
Supporting work: other novels, games, and movies! Image/text balance: consider learning styles. Auditory learners may prefer heavy text vs. a visual learner who may desire less text and more artwork. Layout: how the page is structured. Left to right top to bottom, central focus, fused panels, etc. 1. What genre do you normally enjoy? "Flood! A Novel in Pictures," by Eric Drooker "Silver Surfer," by Jack Kirby, 1978. p. 58. "300," by Frank Miller SPARTANS vs PERSIANS.
Pub. 1998 as comic book series
Dark Horse Comics
Movie released in 2007 Novel and film are very similar in dialogue and artistic style.
Panels serve as a "story board" for the film. "V for Vendetta," by Alan Moore Dystopian London, 1990s
pub. date 1988
Vertigo Comics
Movie released 2005

Main storyline is the same, though the plot varies via character development/qualities. "Ghost World," by Daniel Clowes Contemporary Realism story about two teenage friends who worry about the future.
First published as a serial in 1998.
Fantagraphics Books
Movie released 2001

Novel and screenplay written by Clowes. Realistic art style works as story boards for movie.
Clowes nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Adapted Screenplay." "Cowboys & Aliens," written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley Science fiction in the wild west.
Published 2006
Platinum Studios
Movie released 2011 Story lines are *somewhat* similar
Several key character's names are changed "Road to Perdition," by Max Allan Collins Father and son on the quest for revenge in American Midwest from crime syndicate.
First pub. 1998
DC Comics
Movie released 2002 Collins involved with movie process, but not the writer.
Original script very close to novel, but changed to make the story more accessible. "From Hell," by Allan Moore A take on who Jack the Ripper was and what drove him to murder.
First collected edition pub. 1999
Top Shelf Productions
Movie Released 2001 Film loosely based on novel
Same character names and movie title Plot centered on Jack the Ripper "Scott Pilgrim series," by Bryan Lee O'Malley About a guy in a band who falls for a girl with less than understanding exes
Series pub. from 2004-2010
Oni Press
Movie released 2010 Movie is based on all 6 volumes
Same storyline and characters, though fast passed telling (ex. Scott moves in with Ramona in volume 4; this doesn't even make it to the film.) "Watchmen," by Alan Moore Alternate history: superheroes reunite to solve a plot that puts their own lives at risk as well as the human race.
Series from 1986-1987, collected in 1987
DC Comics
Movie released 2009 Deemed "unfilmable" by many, including Moore
The film attempts to stay as true to the novel as possible but within a reasonable viewing time frame.
Biggest complaint from avid "Watchmen" fans is the decision to cut certain storylines completely or changing key elements.
Character development is also skewed. Thank you!

The end. "I, Frankenstein," by Kevin Grevioux
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