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Animal Cell Comparison

No description

Rhiannon Salas

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell Comparison

The nucleus and the city hall both control all the activities. They are the main control center. Mitochondria compared to Electric Power Plants Mitochondria can be compared to electric power plants because mitochondria is the organelle that functions all the energy in the cell. Electric power plants function all the energy in the city. Animal Cell Comparison An Animal Cell can be compared to a city Ribosomes compared to Supermarkets and Restaurants Ribosomes manufacture protein and in supermarkets they sell proteins. In restaurants it is the same thing, they cook protein. Cell membrane compared to a city limit Nucleus compared to a City Hall Cell membranes are enclosing the cytoplasm of the cell. City limits are also like a cell membrane that enclose the city to another. Golgi Apparatus compared to a Post Office Golgi Apparatus and post offices both package and transfer items needed. Lysosomes compared to Garbage and Recycling Trucks Lysosomes digest particles that are used or no good. Garbage trucks dispose of our trash that is all used up. Vacuole compared to Storage Warehouses Vacuoles are storage areas in a cell. They store water, nutrients, and other things. Storage Warehouse store things as well. They store your goods and merchandise. Cytoplasm compared to Clouds Cytoplasm can be compared to clouds because clouds surround the atmosphere of the city. Cytoplasm is what surrounds the cell.
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