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Illegal Immigration

How illegal immigration affects America.

Mee Choi

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Illegal Immigration

Mee Andi Choi
Illegal Immigrants
Dr. Wendy L. Chrisman
Most come to find a
better life
for themselves and their family.
elief and
ducation for
Works Cited
In 2013, 4 out of 9 U.S noble prize winners are immigrants.
Dream Act
States with
illegal immigrants (2011):
Being illegal is breaking the law, so why should Americans let them stay and encourage their behavior?
Pros and Cons
Any person not a citizen or
national of the United States.
: All illegal immigrants are mexicans.
: If they were all gone, America would notice little difference. They may pull down wages for the least skilled, but those jobs should be the least of the government's priority.
: Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes.
: They are always paying taxes. The Social Security Administrators estimates 1/2-3/4 of them pay federal, state, and/or local taxes.
: The Federal Immigration Law says that unlawful presence in the country is a civil offense, not a crime.
: There are more illegal immigrants now more than ever.
Immigrants are 30% more likely to start a business than non immigrants.
They are less likely to commit crimes than the citizens.
Annually immigrant owned business produce more than $776 billion.
-Especially illegal immigrants, because they want reduce their chance of getting caught and deported.
Some say America is crowded enough.
- If we allow them to stay, we are encouraging others to come illegally.
Diversity adds to our melting pot.
Illegal immigration cuts off motivation for legal immigration.
Introduced in the congress in August 1, 2001.
"The vast majority of these individuals aren't looking for any trouble. They're just looking to provide for their families, contribute to their communities" - President Obama
About 40% of Mexicans population is
poverty line.
-This creates a desire to come to America to live the "American Dream."
If they manage to come to America and get a minimum wage job, it will provide a much higher standard of living.
-California (
-Texas (
-Florida (
-New York (
-Illinois (
In 2012, illegal population reached to 11.7 million people ( Department of Homeland Security's Office of Immigration Statistics [OIS]).
Top 3 countries of birth of illegal immigrants (OIS):
- Mexico (58%)
- El Salvador (6%)
- Guatemala (5%)
Where they migrate from:
million- North America
million- Asia
million- South America
million- Europe
million- The remaining parts of the world.
Adds to unemployment rate.
In 2010, 5.5 million children had at least one illegal parent (Pew Hispanic Center).
Deportation rate:
-2000: 1,864,343 (Decade's Highest)
-2009: 981,329
-2010: 863,647 (lowest in last two decades)
The number of Border Patrol agents in 2004 was about 10,000.
By 2012, it rose to 21,000.
Insecure Identity
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Newer version came out in 2009.
-It would allow students temporary residency for 6 years.
-Within that time, they must earn a 2 year degree or serve in the military for 2 years or face deportation.
2009 version failed to pass by 5 votes.
A more conservative version came out in 2011.
-To qualify:
1. Must be between the age of 12-30 when it passes.
2. Arrived in America before the age of 16.
3. Must have graduated high school / GED.
4. Must have stayed in America for 5 consecutive years since the date of arrival.
5. Must have good moral character.
If the act was passed, the country's debt would be reduced by $2.2 billion over a decade.
It would make America more competitive in the global economy.
It will allow Immigration and Border to focus on those who show serious threat to this country.
It will contribute to the military recruit because of the mandatory 2 year degree or service.
American Immigration Council
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
Dream Activist
United We Dream (UWD)
CCAD- LA 190
Undocumented Americans:
Inside the Immigration Debate

Personal Art Work
: They are taking our jobs and bringing down wages.
: Illegal immigrants are criminals.
: The highest rate was in the 1920's with 20%.
In June 2013, the numbers went down to 12%.

: About 58% are, but not all.
See how many illegal immigrants are in your state
-Gives permanent residency to:
Immigrants with good moral character
Graduated from high school
Came to America under the ages of 18
Lived in America for consecutive 5 years prior to the bill was passed
2011 version also failed to pass.
2001 version failed to pass.
F.O.B stands for Fresh Off the Boat, which dates back to the 1800's when people immigrated to America in giant packs. This piece represents me physically coming to America. The take out box represents Asia and the faucet and marbles representing the ocean.
This piece called Home portrays the hardship of finding a place called home in a new country. Because of my father's occupation in the Korean Air Force, my family were forced to moved at least every other year. When I was seven, I came to America, which was a harder adjustment than any other moves. I also never had a stable place here in Columbus, Ohio, making it quite difficult to call one place my "home." I find this very relatable because immigrants, such as my self, are coming into a new environment, along with cultural shock, and a language barrier, making a hard time finding a new home.
(Watercolor on paper)
(Oil on wood)

Insecure Identities shows the struggle I went through growing up as an immigrant. At first, I hated that I was Asian and that I didn't look like an American. As I got older, I took more pride in my country, but this led to an identity crises. Am I American or am I Korean? My hear believes that I am an American but my head and physical appearance says that I am Korean. I still struggle to find a good middle ground and to know where I stand.
(Graphite on paper)
Persuasive/Political ART
Illegal Immigration Reality
Brian Fairrington, Cagle Cartoons
Distribute to subscribers for publication by Cagle Cartoons, Inc.
Illegal Immigration and Jobs
Frosty Wooldridge
December 16, 2010
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