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Representing: How to Slam a Poem

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Alan Crowley

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Representing: How to Slam a Poem

A Purpose
The Diction
The Invention
The Conviction
Slamming a Poem
A Voice
A message about what you "GET" about a THEME
VIVID Stories about the times helped you "GET IT."
Revealing the PASSION inside your heart.
A sense of your audience and what THEY need
"...you have to close your eyes and listen to the hum of his conviction, his diction, his invention."
_ John Crowley, on David Foster Wallace's "This is Water"

1. Brainstorm
2. Blast
3. Sculpt
List possibilities
Freewrite for Five ("Loop" for more.)
-Trim the fat
-Make breaks and patterns
-Move things around
- Add "flava"
Mental Models
"To This Day",
Shane Koyczan
Katie Makkei
"I Will",
Suheir Hammad
"Soul to Pencil"
then read aloud!
then read aloud!
then READ ALOUD!!!
Student Work
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