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Just a Drop of Water Events

No description

Jamie N

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Just a Drop of Water Events

Just a Drop of Water

By Jamie Nam
Jake's Birthday
On Jake's Birthday, he makes a wish that
he would be chosen as team captain, and everyone is happy and normal life. Jake recieves his grandfather's medal as a birthday gift, and he cherishes it throughout the story and leads him to realizing things.
Mr. Wilkey and Mrs. Wilkey
Jake's mom made Jake help the Wilkeys around the yard until theit gets cooler because Mrs. Wilkey passed out from the heat. Jake doesn't think that Mr. Wilkey is not a normal person because he never comes out of the house. He later realizes that Mr. Wilkey is just a normal old man.

The Terrorist Attack
The terrorist attack was caused the most impact on the plot. This is the point where everything changes. Jake's mom goes to the grocery store to buy food in case another attack comes, and people at school start to get suspicious.
Bobby Says That Sam
is a Traitor
Jake and Sam went back to school a day after the attack on the World Trade Center. Bobby said that Sam was a traitor beacause he was Muslim. This caused conflicts between Bobby and Jake, and changed their relationship.
Kirk's Father's Funeral
Kirk's father died when there was an terrorist attack at the Pentagon. After the funeral, the FBI took Sam's father ( Mr. Madina) which affected how others thought of their family. The FBI had found a card with Sam's father on it with some writing on the back. They also found out that he had helped the terrorist at the bank, but Sam's father was only doing his job.

Jake Tries to Hurt Bobby
Befor the big race, Bobby comes along and sort of bullies Jake with his words about last year's race. Last year, Tyler had tripped Jake during the race and Jake's pants fell down. Jake was planning on revenge on Tyler. Now Bobby comes in reminding him about last year and his "skinny white butt". Jake is furious and attacks him, but before he can punch Bobby, the coach drags him to his office and doesn't let Jake race that day.
Jake Runs Away
When they went to the store to, Jake's mom told the cashier about Mr. Madina taken away by the FBI. Jake is furious that his mother talked about the Madina's like that and runs out, goes into his house, and into his room. Jake decides that he wants to be with the Madina's, so he escapes through the window. He arrives at the Madina's house and helps them search for their dad's papers and find out how he is doing.
Sam Shuts Jake Out
When Jake figured out that the Madina's knew Mohamad Atta, he yells and runs out. When Sam asked if Jake believed him, he didn't answer, but said that Sam has been different since he started going to the mosque. Because of this, Sam shut Jake out and didn't talk to him for a while. Jake tries harder to help, but Sam still shuts him out. After all of this conflict, Jake stops caring about life, school, and helping Sam until his granmother shows him the song "Just a Drop of Water".
The Truth About Jake's
Jake's parents and grandmother tell him the truth about his grandfather. It turned out that he wasn't soldier that fougt in a war at all, but he was an ambassador of the United States and more of a peacekeeper who tried to prevent wars. When Jake's grandfather was overseas, a terrorist group took him hostage and demanded that if President Nixon released the prisoners, they will not kill the hostages. The president refused to release the prisoners, but the terrorist group only killed some of the hostages.
Uncle Hugh Finds Information on Mr. Madina
Jake is trying his best to prove to Sam that he is on his side, so Jake eventually goes to Uncle Hugh to ask him to find out how Mr. Madina is doing with the FBI. Uncle Hugh figures out that the FBI had a misunderstanding and something about his immigration papers, so he is going to return soon in a couple days. After hearing this news, Jake tells Aamber and Sam right away.
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