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Architects life

Chian Gabriel Gimotea

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Architecture

ARCHITECT Duties and Responsibilities *Meeting with co-architects
*Discuss the updates to designs and projects with their clients.
*Work on design sketches and models.
*Visit construction sites often to check the progress. Education High School Course *Math (Function, Calculus, and Vectors)
*Other (Visual Art,Graphic design,and Computer Studies) *Need Bachelor of Architects (5years) *Optional Masters degree in Architecture Skills *People skills
*Writing skills
*Business Earnings/Wages Working Conditions * *Architects work 8+ hours a day depending if they are trying to meet a deadlines.

*They get a minimum of 2weeks paid vacation per year.

*Most of their boss understands their situation, but that depends on their relation with their boss.

*The company provides all equipment needed for making designs and models. Stress *The detail of designs wanted by clients. *Meeting deadlines with a short time are very challenging. *Dealing with many technical, design, budgeting, and time conserving issues. Job Satisfactions *All ideas of each architect in the team matter and taken in consideration *They are always excited to see the final product of the project ,to be able to touch a feel what they have drawn. Related Job *Landscape Architect-they design the lot and backyards, instead of designing new buildings they design lots.

*Urban planners-are responsible for planning where and what the city should look like such as sidewalks, city streets, and bike paths. *Interior designers-are people who design rooms to function suitable as the owners wanted, and to give them a pleasant workplace or home. Community Involvement
*I've serve more than 50 hours at St. Clare Church, I bring the wine and bread to the priest and ring the bell when his blessing the wine and bread. *Also I served 7 hours in O.T.C (out for the cold), we serve food for homeless people. *Co-op course is an option to gain experience and have better
understanding of architecture. Personal Reflection After doing all this research I've gain better understanding of being an architect. And seeing all the challenge that is need to be face in this job that makes
me more interested
about this occupation. THE END By:Chian Gabriel Gimotea To:Ms.Rayat THANKS FOR WATCHING
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