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For Colored Girls

No description

Elorm Vowotor

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of For Colored Girls

Elorm Vowotor For Colored Girls Facts Based on Ntozake Shange's 1975 play
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf. VIOLENCE Violence is a key factor in this movie.There are different
kinds of violence such as domestic violence, sexual violence,
and emotional violence Gender Roles/Issues Gender roles perpetuate the traditional ways males and females are supposed to act
The women throughout the movie are portrayed as defenseless and weak. They are placed in docile occupations. Juanita is a relationship ocunselor and Kelly is a social worker. The males are placed in a position of power such as a police officer. Director: Tyler Perry
Released: November 5th 2010
Time: 133 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English Janet Jackson/Jo Thandie Newton/Tangie Whoopi Goldberg/Alice Phylicia Rashad/Gilda Anika Noni Rose/
Yasmine Loretta Devine/Juanita Kimberly Elise/
Crysta; Kerry Washington/
Kelly Tessa Thompson/Nyla Why I Love This Movie The film depicts the interconnected lives of nine women, exploring their lives and struggles as women of color dealing with issues such as
Abortion Violence Gender Roles Stereotypes Domestic Violence In the movie, domestic violence runs rampant. Crystal is abused by her alcoholic husband. He beats her but she stays for her children
He is very possessive and jealous
He ends up killing their children out of anger and jealousy Sexual Violence Many of the characters deal with sexual issues Sex is used as a tool and a weapon in the movie Yasmine has herself convinced that she has found the right man
However, when she does not want to get intimate, he rapes her Tangie is so promiscous a man she is on a date with assumes she is a prostitute Emotional Violence Emotional violence is scarring and at times more painful than physical violence. It begins a cycle of hurt
Tangie was raped by her grandfather and forced to go to an abortionist. She is not trustful of men and therefore cannot maintain a serious relationship Stereotypes Stereotypes are used in this movie to show how the characters break them Powerful cold female executive
Pregnant teenager who tries to get an abortion
Silent abused wife
Alcoholic husband
Cheating husband
Religious over zealot mother
Promiscuous female
Closet homosexual
Male dependent female People Stereotypes Racial Stereotypes Violent
Fathers do not take care of their kids
Live in the ghettos
Bad attitudes
treatment of Black Women by Black Men that is degrading and insulting For Colored Girls is truly a great movie. The actors did a really great job. They were believable and invoked deep emotions. Although the title is suggestive, this movie is not just for people of color. It is for anyone who is going through struggles and needs encouragement to overcome their difficulties. The movie illustrates no matter how bad things get, you can come out on the other side. Although at times it is a tad melodramatic, it is interesting to see the characters' transitions. It is a movie worth seeing. Final Analysis However, the convention is broken by Jo and her husband. The roles are switched this time. She is in a position of power. Therefore, he feels emasculated.
He cannot handle being with a woman stronger than him so he admits to being gay. After giving her HIV This is one of my favorite movies. The complex storyline provides depth into the characters. The movie opens eyes to issues that are real and people are going through everyday. One does not have to be of colored skin to understand and enjoy the movie. The movie also has noteworthy actors in it. It is really enjoyable to see the empowerment of black females. THANK YOU!!!
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