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Substance Abuse

No description

Annie Chow

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Substance Abuse

Marijuana Before we begin, we want to show
you a video why taking drugs is bad!
Also, we will have notes/study guides,
so you don't have to take notes! Marijuana is a type of Cannabis ( Known as cannabis)
It is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant. It's an illegal drug, but it can be prescribed by the doctor. Cannabis= a plant used to produce hemp
fiber. It is greenish-brown mixture of dry
plant material from the cannabis sativa
Marijuana is made from the plant " Cannabis
Sativa. Out of 6 substances ( cannabis, caffeine, cocaine, alcohol, heroin and nicotine )cannabis is the least addictive. Marijuana is usually smoked as a cigarette or pipe, but it is sometimes mixed in food (e.g.cookies) or brewed in tea. I bet you've all heard of Marijuana before... What happens if you take Marijuana??? It contains 400-500 chemicals.
And it is a poisonous plant!
Some of the same toxic substances found in tobacco smoke that can cause cancer. REASON #1: Well,when people reach the painful part of cancer, Marijuana helps them relieve pain. Marijuana has unpredictable effects,
depending on the amount taken, the
person's age and medical condition. Short term effects of Marijuana use: 1.Increased heart rate 2.slower reaction panic stress nervous worry Trouble with thinking and problem-solving Long term effects: 1.Personaltiy and mood changes
(or mood swings) 2.Unable to understand things clearly 3.Able to get common illnesses(i.e. colds) more easily 4. Study Reason #2:Marijuana makes you feel relaxed http://www.nationalantidrugstrategy.gc.ca/prevention/youth-jeunes/index.html References http://www.drugs.com/marijuana.html http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/marijuana.html 5.red eyes! 4.mild paranoia (when you worry too much or create ridiculous worries in your head) 3.visual hallucinations. seeing things that
are not there. always wanting to sleep!
( drowsiness ) Annie's Perspective: Yes
Marijuana should be legalized
because it is used to treat
Alzheimer,nausea and Asthma. It's just
a matter of fact that people can
be treated if they have certain
illnesses that can be treated by
Marijuana's medical use.
Eighteen states and the District of
Columbia have legalized cannabis
for medical use. So why can't every place
legalize it? Teresa's Perspective: No
Marijuana only has very little
accepted medical use. Also,
most people take marijuana for fun,
than for medical use. Aren't there different
medicines to treat those problems?
I think marijuana should be illegal,
because it can produce a lot of damage
to our bodies, rather than treating illnesses. Perspectives Yes No Hi! ...what...
oh, hi. which means... also....anxiety Unicorns are
real!Right? Umm,
no... a The issue: Should using/producing Marijuana be legal or not? Now we have.... A quiz!!!
So get ready!There will be prizes!!!! 1. What is Marijuana? a)a random mixture of stuff
b)a green, brown, or gray mixture of leaves
c) your favourite book
d)the same thing as Cocaine 2.Marijuana is addictive. No Yes Whoa, hold on! We still have rules for you! 1. No shouting out
2.Respect others
3.Don't be mean
4. Why do people take Marijuana? Ahhh.... Did you know??? Let's move on to... Schizophrenia ( trouble telling the
difference between what's real and what's fake ) difficulties n d http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_(drug)#Medical_use Annie's
perspective Teresa's perspective Which one would you vote? Annie's perspective Teresa's perspective Most people would vote for Teresa's perspective Marijuana is known as the gateway drug. Gateway drug= a drug that opens the door to the use of other, harder drugs. For example, most people will start taking marijuana as a starter,
and later on they will take more harmful drugs like Cocaine or Heroin. You can think of it as an appetizer. Fun facts!!! http://answerpool.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/653603932/m/5631072501 http://gwired.gwu.edu/cms2/index.gw/Site_ID/5157/Page_ID/13628 Very good quanlity Marijuana costs about
$400 per ounce. ( 0.0625 )
According to the most recent information,
In BC, it costs about $240 per ounce 3. What's Marijuana made from? a)Cannabis Sativa Plant
d)THC But before we begin,
there are some rules.
1) no calling out PLEASE!
(you'll ruin the game for
everyone ):
2) We'll only choose people
who sit quietly with a smile
on their face. (:D so smile up!)
3) Please, WE BEG YOU! don't stand up
and yell " PICK ME PICK ME! Well, guess
what we won't pick you if you do that!
4) Please don't keep guessing and guessing,
give someone else a chance!
5)There are no losers in this game so play
6) have fun! YEAH!!! Feb, 25 Potential Consequences of using Marijuana Feb, 18 Feb, 19 Feb. 17 Feb, 23 Feb. 24 Feb, 26 1.Families break apart! 2.YOU'LL LOSE MONEY!!!
May start sleeping on streets, because you have no money to pay rent or even buy food to eat. 3.Kick out of school or work. 4.You'll lose your real friends. 4.What are some ingredients found in Marijuana? Thanks for watching our presentation!
We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new! Remember, say NO to drugs!
We hope none of you will take drugs in high school. If we do catch you taking drugs! Just watch out for the DRUG POLICE! A) Cocaine, Heroin, Crystal Meth
B) Baby oil, baby cream, lotion
C) THC, Tar, Carbon Monoxide,
D) Glass, Horse hair, Tic Tac, ingredients found in Marijuana/Marijuana smoke: BONUS: What are some street/slang names for Marijuana?
a)Horse,Old feathers, Carbon Dioxide
b)Jellies, M, Gloves
c)Mary, Roll, Boom,
d)Pot, Weed, Herb WAIT!! It's skit time! 5.Bad health What are 3 short term effects of marijuana? What are 3 long term effects of marijuana? In most countries Marijuana is legal. Yes No
a) hard drug
b) medical drug
c) Marijuana drug
d) none of the above Marijuana is a: Name 2 of the potential consequences: Taking marijuana can lead to obesity. The only reason why is because if you take too much marijuana at one time, it is stored as FAT and it slowly goes into the blood stream. One way to prevent using Marijuana if someone offered you some is to: Ways to prevent using drugs slow as a snail... But what is it? By:Teresa X. By: Annie By: Annie and Ameen Annie, Ameen, Teresa *Tar *Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
( Most active ingredient found in Marijuana
it is what makes the users "high". *carbon monoxide You can never die by overdosing on Marijuana. Because when you take too much at one time you will just fall asleep! You can only die if you take marijuana for a long term but not all at once. 6. Addiction About 114-224 million people
in the world smoke marijuana. *Cannabidiol( CBD) YOU can...

Use your voice! " say NO!"
Talk to your parents about it.
Know the facts about the drug
and how nasty it is.
Trust your instincts. If you do not feel comfortable in a situation where there are drugs offered to you, then say what you want!
In other words have common sense.
Peer pressure isn't always important, not when it can ruin your life.
Think about the damage this drug will do to your future, your health, the good grades you in school, and your life.
Drugs don't make you cool. You're awesome
the way you are, and not when you use drugs.
Think about how much your families and friends depend/ need you! You don't wanna let them down!
Hang around with the right people, not people who thinks drugs are good! Now time for a SURPRISE!!! Did you know that Rihanna
and snoop dogg smoke
Marijuana? *Carbon dioxide *Acetone *Toluene *Ammonia *chloride Side effects of Marijuana:
dangerous during pregnancy, may cause child to have leukemia
heart disease
weak immune system
lung diseases
seizure disorders
affects central nervous system(brain damage)
cancer/bladder cancer/lung cancer
Heart attacks
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