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Numeracy literacy

Overview for use as PL

Alison ッ

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Numeracy literacy


"Literacy and numeracy skills are absolutely essential in order for young people to reach their potential whether they are planning to enter further or higher education or the employment market."
The National frameworks are aimed to enhance, strengthen and build on the language, literacy and numeracy capabilities of all students...
An ongoing challenge for all schools and colleges is to maintain a strong focus on literacy and numeracy education to ensure that every student has every opportunity for success.
Leighton Andrews AC/AM, Minister for Education and Skills, Raising School Standards (2011)
The frameworks help bring about coherent approaches to developing literacy and numeracy across the curriculum
Provide greater clarity for teachers to assess and track skills progression
Knowing the demands and embedding Literacy & Numeracy through all subjects
To build on the expectations set out in the skills framework, but it will be a statutory curricular requirement
The context for literacy and numeracy improvement in further education.
Include literacy and numeracy throughout the curriculum
Reaching the goal
Help determine learners progress in literacy and numeracy
Provide annual reports to parents/carers based on assessments so that everyone is clear on how learners are progressing.
To help students to develop their skills of using their literate and numerical knowledge to solve problems
To help students to understand their literacy and numeracy contents better.
Acknowledge all the difficulties that may be faced when teaching students literacy and numeracy skills

The need to prepare for different types of teaching strategies

Frustration as may not have results right away as it is a long term effort for both sides
Improve numeracy and literacy outcomes for students
It is not about how good you teach but how successful a student can learn from us
Pre-session testing
General learning & attitudes
Snapshot reading
Context reading
Context writing
basic maths/numerical test
Results from pre-session testing
Highlight learners with positive attitudes
Highlight learners with very strong literacy/numeracy skills
Identifys the less able students
Promoting Literacy
Have an extended vacabulary relevant to the subject
Navigate around worksheets and documents and locate and understand key concepts
Discuss different concepts and how they may be applied in real situations
Understand how certain words can help link ideas together in a clear way
Organise and write an event into a logical piece of work
...during and after the training....
formative assessments
summative assessments
guidance and reassurance
Promoting Numeracy
Carry out a simple table/graph work
Understand number sequencing
Basic decimal calculations
Thank you for listening
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