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Feudalism of the Dark Ages

( 560 - 1100 c.e.)

Emily Cass

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Feudalism of the Dark Ages

Feudalism of the Dark Ages ( 560 - 1100 a.d. ) Feudalism - was a set of political and military customs in the middle ages How feudalism works: Feudalism creates a caste system that does not give the common people a lot of freedom. There are four levels of the system. King Lords Knights Serfs Job duties of the caste levels: Kin King's Duties: The job of the king was to rule the people justly. lords duties: The Lords job was to protect the King. In exchange the King would grant his lands to the Lords. Knights duties: The knights job like the Lord was to protect. But the knight did not only protect his boss, the Lord, but his job was to protect the pesants and collect taxes. serfs duties: The serfs job was to farm the lands for the knights. in exchange for their work. The food of the middle ages: the people ate different foods depending on their social rank.
Peasants- bread, porridge, vegetables servants - lived only off of the crops they grew nobles / knights- fancy food prepared by servants clothing depending on their spot in the feudal system, people wore different clothes peasents and servants wore mainly wolen clothing with linen undergarments. the more wealthy people displayed brighter colors, better materials and long jackets.
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