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on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Drugs

Began with wine in the Middle-east

What is a drug ?
Different legislations in Europe
Let's talk about drugs...
Drugs in western cultures
The history of drugs
Illegal way of using
Even though drugs alleviate pain, they are also very dangerous for health when abused. That is why many countries forbid their consumption besides for medicine.
Drugs are something huge, there are everywhere around us and have a strong impact on our society.

We have to be careful about their drawbacks, there is an inherent danger of addiction.

Any chemical substance that causes a change in a person's physical or psychological state.
Drugs in various cultures
• Drugs in History
• Today, in western civilization
• Differences between countries

Illegal use
• Production
• Boost human capacities
• Parties
• Beliefs
• General meaning
• Production and places of sale
• Different uses of psychoactive drugs
• A general meaning
In english, the term drug is used to mean medicaments.

Drugs have been used in medication for thousands years.

• Indians had been making drugs by mixing some plants to cure themselves well before the development of the pharmacy.

Sales outlets
• An over-sold product
Drugs are sold in pharmacy.
Last year in France, 3.1 billion boxes of drugs were sold.
• Production
Drugs are made in aggregated laboratories such as GlaxoSmithKline © (GB) or Novartis International AG© (Switzerland).
To escape from real life
Why escape from this world ?
• Forget work problems
• Forget love problems
• Forget sadness
• Realize some dreams
• Have fun
Have fun
Forget pains
To follow a state of mind
State of mind ?
Religion ?
Sects ?
• New Age
• Hippies
• Other Gurus
New Age
A kind of neopaganism born in the 80s : extoll drug consumption.
Clothe to the nature, hippies are well known on their astronomic consumption of the several drugs.
Other gurus
Aleister Crowley recommends sex, drugs and rites to Satan.
To improve abilities
Who needs it ?
• People who don't sleep enough (due to a heavy workload, for example).
• People who need to be very mentally efficient or creative.
• People who are run down physically.
Stimulants :
Chocolate, tea and coffee (legal)
Guarana (energetic drinks)
1956 : discovering of the helical geometry of DNA by Watson and Crick (LSD).
Physical efficiency
Sportsmen and sportswomen because they could earn a lot of money thanks to drugs.
Different uses of psychoactive drugs in medication
• What is a psychoactive drug ?
- "It's a drug which crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts on the central nervous system" [Wikipedia]

Some researchs are carried out on effects of psychoactive drugs for medication.

• Anti-depressant (Imipramine)
• Anti-psychotic : Cure schizophrenia
• Anxiolitycs : treat anxiety disorders

and many others types :

Hypnotives, sedatives, narcotic...
Opioids and amphetamin have been used for decades by a lot of people for medication but were restricted after 1950s.
• Analgesic : Cure pain (Codeine)
• Stimulant : cure deficit disorder, narcolepsy (Nicotine, Amphetamine)
• Depressant : Cure insomnia (ethanol, cannabinoids)
• Anti-dependance (methadone)
• Anesthesics (Nitrous Oxide)
"We can define a drug as being a substance which may have medicinal, intoxicating, performance enhancing or other effects when taken or put into the human body" [Wikipedia]
Mass consumption began with gin during the 18th century
A minimum age is required.
It's a problem recognized by many countries
"In France, 53 liters of wine are drunk per person, per year. " [ladepeche.fr]
Caffeine is classified by the food and drug administration as a GRAS (generally recognized as safe)
More consumed in northern countries
Ever increasing consumption
Drugs are made using a chemical process in these laboratories. The cost of creating a new one is between millions and billions dollars, few big firms can create advanced drugs.
Contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive drug.
200 deaths/day in France due to tobacco.
7000 B.C
2700 B.C

First drug :
Beginning with medicinal medecine, with marijuana in China
First legal measures against drugs in the United States
LSD synthesizing
What do you mean ?
Our Culture
Hidden Traffic

8000 B.C
A Big deal
Domestication of the vine
Amsterdam is well known for its cannabis legislation.
The old tradition of the "Peace pipe"
Legislation in the USA is pretty rough
Not accepting to drink is impolite
Singapore has one of the more rough drug legislation in the world
Hard workers in coal mines, in the building industry, in plants...
anabolistic, pain killers, steroids...
Of course, there is a lucrative parallel circuit. What are the reasons why people should take illegal drugs ?
Syd Barrett : first Pink Floyd songwriter was very creative.
Youngsters : love doing fest and getting high.

Cannabis and cocaine are the most widely used drugs during parties .
To be an awesome person.
To have a trip.
To show your potency.
Professional pains,
Sentimental pains,
Death, Illness...
"Peace and love"
"Make love not war"
It's relatively easy to find and buy drugs in a pharmacy, some are purchasable without prescription.
Safe trip !
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