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Open Text Capture Center

Convert Pixels into information

Johannes Schacht

on 19 November 2011

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Transcript of Open Text Capture Center

Sales Journeys Customer Journey ECM Suite Open Text Capture Center OCC Who uses OCC What does OCC do ? ? HR e.g. Travel expense reports A/P e.g. Invoices Marketing e.g. Campain reply mail Customer
Care e.g. New account opening,
change of tariff Order
Entry e.g. Mail order entry forms How does OCC work ? Continuing Demand Legal requirements
E-Business drives Capture
Short processing time is business critical
Dealing with mixed media difficult
... Government
Tax declarations
Legal enforcment documents
Public healthcare
Many different document types
Mail order
Passport applications
Invoices (ICC)
Purchase orders
Insurance claims
Shipping documents
Service reports
Inventory lists
Meter cards
Telecommunications New application
Mileage report
Damage claim
Contract cancelation
Address change
Change of contract Industry Example:
Car insurance Rule based or Adaptive Definition of document classes
Definition of data to be extracted
Extraction procedure selection
Rule based
Key from image
Open Text Archiving
Open Text Document Management
(Open Text Transactional Content Management)
SAP Document Archiving
.... Support for Enterprise Scan
Kofax Capture support considered
OCC 3.0: Global Service only from Konstanz (Germany)
OCC 4.0: Global Service enabling worldwide Production control
Activity reports
Log files
Exception handling
Software for Accounting
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
From Companies like SAP

Prices: By Volume
Number of Pages / Year
OCC Index (limited number of fields)
-> Document capture
OCC Reader (unlimited number of fields)
-> Data capture
No restriction on number of validation clients
Segmentation Semantic Context Free Forms (=Rule based) recognition
> High performance from start Template based recognition
> One template needs to be created
for each layout Adaptive (=learning) recognition
> Limited capacity Combined Free Forms and Adaptive
> Start high and increase Original Image Image Preprecessing
Line Segmentation Language Context Formal Context Character
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