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No description

Renee Silici

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Nursing

By: Renee Silici Nursing Research Paper While I was researching nursing I found
some interesting things about the profession. College Essay Teacher Recommendation Interviews While I was doing this interview with
Jana Stohler a nurse at Cooks Children's I
learned a lot about nurses and what
they do. While I was researching the education needed to become a nurse, I found that there are many different colleges that offer good nursing programs. Life after High School I got accepted to the Northwest campus
at Tarrant County College. After Tarrant County College I plan to
go to a University to finish a
nursing program. I plan on going to the Northwest
campus to take my basic classes. Then
I plan to apply to the nursing
program at the Trinity River Campus. My teacher recommendations had wonderful things to say about me. http://www.tccd.edu/ In the interview she had some really neat things to say about her job. The younger kids at the daycare looking at a bucket of worms. Eisley, my little friend, playing in the
bouncy. Adrian and Gabby love being outside Jana Stohler said that being a nurse
can be really hard at times but
for the best part of it is
when you see the outcome of your
patients improving. The teachers that gave me recommendation letters are some of the nicest teachers that I had. Weebly Doing the website for the senior
project was interesting to do. There were different kinds of things that you can do to create your own website. What makes weebly so interesting is that
everyone can make their website so different
from one another. When researching nursing I found that you need to have a lot of heart,
kindness, and compassion to be a nurse. I learned in the research paper is
that it takes time and commitment to
be a nurse. The teachers that I asked gladly gave me their recommendation. In the college essay I talked about
the most significant person in my life,
my mother. The college essay that I had to
talk about how my mom influenced me,
and what I have learned from her
to achieve my goals and ambitions. Danny happy at school. http://reneesilici.weebly.com
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