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CES Asia 2016 Tech Trends to Watch


Shawn DuBravac, PhD

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of CES Asia 2016 Tech Trends to Watch

2016 Tech Trends to Watch
Shawn G. DuBravac, Ph.D.
Consumer Technology Association
See You Next Year!
June 7-9, 2017
The Future of Motion
Anticipated for CES Asia 2016

Asia’s premier event for consumer tech industry, showcasing the full innovation value-chain in the Asian market

- 32,000 gross square meters (16,000 net square meters)
- Four exhibit halls
- 30,000+ total attendance
- 375+ exhibiting companies
- 1,000 media
- 50+ conference sessions, 100+ speakers
- the latest innovation and trends across 15 product categories
Notable exhibitors include:
3M, Audio-Technica, Baidu, Beltronics, BMW, China Mobile IoT, Cobra Electronics, Continental Automotive Holding, Escort, Garmin, Gibson Brands, Hisense, Huawei, IBM, Intel, LeTV, Mercedes-Benz, Monster, NavInfo, Pioneer, OnStar/Chevrolet, Scosche, Speck, Twitter, Valeo, Voxx and Wacom

Startup Park
New this year located in SNIEC Hall N4 is a brand-new destination to showcase new products, services and ideas from startups seeking exposure in the rapidly growing Asian consumer tech marketplace.
• 64 startups with exhibitors from China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.

N4 Stage
Located in Hall N4, this stage will host a variety of programming for CES Asia attendees. Our partners from Living in Digital Times will present their Last Gadget Standing competition, Wearables Tech Fashion Shows and Robots on the Runway show.

Outdoor Exhibits
Continental, Yuneec, and BMW will organize outdoor exhibits in front of Hall N1. BMW is doing a test drive experience which is a first for CES Asia and shows at SNIEC.

Drone Demo Area
Located in Hall N4, select exhibitors will be demoing their drone technology about every half hour all three days of the show. The full schedule can be found on our website, www.CESAsia.com

2016 Keynotes:
BMW President & CEO
Olaf Kastner

Alibaba President
Yin Jing

JD.com President
Eric Wang

Wanda Cinema Line President
John Zeng
Huawei President
Kevin Ho

JD.com CTO
Chen Zhang

Legendary East CEO
Peter Loehr

Intel SVP
Josh Walden

Google Vehicles have driven over 1.6M kilometers
75 years of typical U.S. adult driving
200,000 stop signs
600,000 traffic lights
180 million vehicles
5 Levels of Automation
L2 Combined Function Automation
L0 No-Automation
L1 Function-specific Automation
L3 Limited Self-Driving Automation
L4 Full Self-Driving Automation
Aggregated Learning
The Art of Immersion
Improvements over the last 30 months surpass advances from the previous 30 years

The History of
Word Error Rate (WER)
1995 = 100%
2013 = 23%
2015 = 5%
JD.com sold 22M bottles of wine sold in 2015 (double the 2014 volume).

Building block for AI implentation (UX)
Mobile Propels Next Innovation Iteration
The Future of Decision Making
ambient sensing + algorithms
broading spectrum of products for both health and fitness
Drivers of Immersive (Quiet) Computing
1. ubiquitous computing
2. cheap digital storage
3. connectivity
4. proliferation of digital devices
5. 'sensor'ization of tech

1. Changing the way we interact
with computing (improved
human-machine interface)
2. Personalization & Customization of computing environment (adaptable human-machine interface)
3.Computing environment becomes context aware
4. Convergence of digital-physical idenities

5. Entering an "Age of Experience"

Implications of Quiet Computing
Building Blocks of
Autonomous Driving
1. sensors
2. connectivity
3. human-machine dynamics
4. redudant systems
5. trust

VR up 500% in 2016
Doubling in 2017
Shifting Mobile Paradigm
1. Not just about smaller screens
(location, motion, always with me, always on, voice)
2. Focus on user mindset (technology and sensors avilable to enhance the experience)
3. A move to micro-interactions
4. Shifting from the "Online Internet" to the "Daily Internet"

online payment platforms
food delivery services
The Next
30 Months
will bring
The Next
3 Billion
Drones Double Again in 2016
redefining the human-computer
Internet of Things
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