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menna samir

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

our target was in Nasr City
Mostafa El-Nahas St, steps before going to the place: Supervised by 2)we sent detailed schedule by Fax to our target Hussein Heshan Hassan
Amr Muhammed Kandil
Menna Allah Samir Helmy
Shrook Mohamed Abd-El-Kader
Nadin Hesham Badr
Nervan Nabil
Hazem Ahmed Gaber
Heba Waheed Khairy
Nesma Nabil Muhammed
Bassam Mohsen Kamal
Ibrahim Abd-El-Fattah El-Kharboutly Group assignment: Dr: Hanan Gunid 1) we took permission from the college to get to our target 3)we made surveys and got the results before getting to the place and there, we met: the director of legal affairs: mr: Mohsen Kamal who showed us the way to the manager Dr.Engineer: Hossam El-Deen Mostafa Rezk then he mentioned many projects that they had finished them, here are the names of some of them: then, he talked about the background of the place, saying that it was established in 1961, then its name was modified to "Egyptian Institution for cooperative housing in 1965.
And in 1971, the institution was converted to the general authority for constitution and housing, and in the same year the organisation was considered as economic one that manages its resources firstly, he started to introduce himself place's vision Second Axis Third Axis first axis 1-Building 200 thousand units 2-Encourage civil society to participate in solving the housing problem in Egypt so they approved the following in 13/3/2012:- 1-Build 50,000 units for low income.
2-Build 1200 units in 10th of Ramadan.
3-Build 400 units in Badr City. 4-Build 940 units in 15 May.
5-Build 1,442 units in Suez Governorate.
6-Build 5,3oo units in Red Sea Governorate. 7-Build 1.300 units in New Valley Governorate.
8-Build 4,000 units in Port Said Governorate. 2-Set up the first stage of agricultural cooperative housing in:- a-a forth area in the center (bar el-balad) in north Sinai Governorate.
b-Northwest Qattara depression in Matrouh.
c-Southeast Qattara depression in Giza Governorate. 300 thousands cooperative housing units should be built until the end if the five-year plan and thie was divided into 3 axes: a-increase the value of loan for unit from 200,000 to 500,000
b-increase the maximum area for loan from 77 metre square to 115 metre square. 1-Set up villages and integrated collaborative urban communities. Hurghada 1284 unit and it costed 68,7 milion Ameria 16258 unit and it costed 331,4 milion Sheikh zayed low unit 4612 and it costed 806 milion A Chrouk 880 unit and it costed 89 milion Engineer: Azza She told us about the crisis they met and how they dealt with.
And also about the projects that other coopertaive housings all over the world had made. She talked about the relationships and its affiliated organizations with forign countries. Way of communication The Role of Public Relations department: at another office Relationships between the organization and concerned people
Visits to the organization projects.
Follow what is displayed in media means and complaints.
Attend conference and seminars outside the organization 1-within the departments direct contact (meetings)
telephone conversation 2-Head office and organization branches in other Governorates: Periodic meetings
Telephone Conversations. Beside the computers that connect the sectors, central region, head office and other branches TA: Asmaa Makhyoon
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