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Fostering Independent Learning Through Mobile Technologies

No description

Mike Gunn

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Fostering Independent Learning Through Mobile Technologies

Fostering Independent Learning Through Mobile
technologies Taking responsibility for learning Learning before applying Then you get... For writing their own notes
For organising their notes
For categorising their notes
For NEVER LOSING their notes Connecting to the big picture To encourage students to think about what they know about topics first
To encourage them to work out the big questions
To encourage them to work out what they might want to know
To encourage them to make connections with prior learning or other subjects The FLIPPED LEARNING Model Independent
Learners Get students to research for themselves
Get students to diagnose their understanding
Get students to test themselves before you give feedback
Test and differentiate from the start Sharing work
Working simultaneously on shared documents
Commenting on each other's work
Asking for outside feedback from experts Inter-dependent collaborative working POPPLET EVERNOTE EVERNOTE, GOOGLEDOCS, TWITTER We can't afford iPads for everyone!! You don't need to...
Use cheaper tablets?
BYOD and smart phones? Meta-cognitive learning How they learn best
How they remember best
How they present their own learning
As long as the focus is on the learning, it's all good... GET YOUR STUDENTS TO DECIDE... Changing Role Of The Teacher The guide on the side, not the sage on the stage
Individual interventions rather than whole class teaching
AFL diagnostics have to be accurate to inform these interventions Traffic Lights Socrative Creative Book Builder VideoScribe iMovie Linoit Explain Everything To download this presentation...
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