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Bridging the Gap

No description

Kathy Haberer

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap
Innovations at
Lewis & Clark Community College

Lewis & Clark Community College
Lewis & Clark Community College
October 2, 2014
MRADE Pre-Conference

20 miles north of
St. Louis, MO

Originally founded as Monticello Female Seminary in 1838

Became Lewis & Clark Community College in 1971

College district of
220,891 residents

8700 students

Suburban and
rural counties
Lewis & Clark Community College
Beautiful, historic campus
Jill Lane, Dean
Liberal Arts and Business

Val Harris, Associate Dean
Adult Education

Kathy Haberer, Director
Student Development and Counseling
The Student Success Team monitors pilot projects and innovations including those highlighted in today's presentation.
Avoiding Developmental Education
Accelerating Developmental Education
Contextualizing Developmental Education
Supporting Developmental Education Students
Lewis & Clark Community College
Presentations on L&C Student Success Team on Thursday. See handout in your folder.
Contextualized General Education with Developmental Reading and English
Psychology, paired with READ/ENGL 125
Sociology, paired with READ/ENGL 125
started in the Spring Semester 2010
Developmental Reading and English support the psychology course in a variety of ways
course developmental funds used to "adapt" course
instructors have developed a course manual

General Education Sociology cohort added Spring 2013
General Psychology Cohort
Psychology Cohort

Justin Bernaix, English
Rhonda Heiney-Young, Reading
Shannon Shepard, Psychology

Sociology Cohort

Steve Blount, English
Chrissie Chapman, Reading
Jenn Cline, Sociology

Success Data
Spring 2010, Fall 2010, and Spring 2011
N = 37
Course Success = A,B, or C in course

Avoiding Developmental English
Today's presentation is sponsored by L&C Student Success Team
STSK 132
transferable as elective credit
can be taken up to 4 times
variable credit - 1, 2, or 3 hours
designed to be "attached" to a content course
Justin Bernaix, English
Francis Corby, English
Students testing into College Level English Composition are "co-mingled" with students who test into our higher level Developmental English Course.

How will we sustain this???
• Multiple ways!
• Replace ABT with GED
• Plus one more funding source
– Foundation scholarships?
– Self-pay
– AE funds?
• Reduce team teaching overlap over time – keep finger on the pulse of need
• Use full-time staff
• Blend populations
• Take advantage of not “purging”
Lessons Learned …
• Learning Communities pay off
• Team Teaching and the right staff KEY
• Team planning pays off
• Administrative support ESSENTIAL
• Ability to Benefit works – adult education students CAN do it!
• Value of college credit affirmed by students
• Having to be in class makes all of life more productive
• Having the tools necessary is important and difficult to fund
Accelerating Opportunity

• Based on Washington state’s I-BEST
• Serves both adult and developmental education students
• Utilizes team teaching/planning with content specialist and basic skills expert
• Provides academic support course
• Cohort/Learning Community
• Support/Transition Services
Bridge Programming

• Contextualized Instruction
• Serves both adult and developmental education students
• Includes career development
• Cohort/Learning Community
• Support/Transition Services
• Staff team up for student conferencing

Supporting Developmental Students
Updates on Programs from past MRADE presentations.
Connect to College Success
Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Our two programs have expanded into three programs
Students weak in all three developmental areas (Wi3) take those three courses and a New Student Experience course (COLL 131) their first semester
COLL 131 Instructors
and Intrusive Advisors
Please stand up!!
We recently received a grant from the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities to serve high school seniors in transitioning to college.

Cookie and Coffee Break

Faculty and staff
who work with students with
intellectual disabilities, please stand up.
Questions, later?
Ask us during the conference.
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