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Build a Smart Home in Hong Kong

No description

Charles Xavier

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Build a Smart Home in Hong Kong

why home automation?
What are the benefits of an automated home?
Is the system easy to understand and operate?
Can it be controlled over the Internet or telephone?
How long has this technology been available?
-Rising of Innovative Industries
Build a Smart Home in Hong Kong
Current Development of Smart Home Technology
-"IN Home":
Biometric System, Central Intelligence Control System,
Home Network Control System

A "language" used for communication between devices at home
One panel to control several electrical devices.

-Luman Lighting system:
Wireless remote control system of all lights at home

-HKT Smart Living
A smart home technology related to smartphones and tablets

Team G1:

CHAN, Chak Sum Joshua (53553310)

CHOI, Yiu Cheung Derek (53042127)

KWAN, Pui Sin Pansy (53559651)

SO, Fung Ki Rachel (53566513)

SO, Ho Yeung Chris (53572300)

Outline of the Report
1. History of Smart Home Technology
2. Background of Smart Home Technology in Hong Kong
2.1 what is Home Automation
2.2 what are the benefits
3. Current Development of Smart Home Technology
3.1 introduction to the home automation theory
3.2 functions: Domestic robotics (domotics), health care,
learning, energy use
3.2 security
4. Analysis of Smart Home Technology
4.1 Impacts to industry
4.2 Impacts to society
4.3 Impacts to global economy

Thank you!

Development of smart home industry in Hong Kong
"HA Express"--------
smart home services provided by HKC
Case Study : PCCW ---- "Smart Living"
5. Hong Kong / overseas case study
cost, function, suitable for HK?,
6. Future prospect
7. Reflection
8. New Ideas
-The government support/ promotion?
-residential building? commercial building?
PCCW "Smart Living" TV Commercial:
What is Smart Home?
Smart Home Introduction Video:
Outline of the Report (Cont.)
Analysis of Smart Home Technology
Impacts to Industry
Impacts to Society
Impacts to Global Economy
-Changing in the Way of Lifestyle
-Assisting the Elderly and the Disables
-Facilitating the Global Business in Smart Home Technology
smart home technology for the elderly
Control your entire home from one smart technology pad
Kitchen faucets can help save water, turn on and off automatically amongst other smart features
(from small and middle enterprise to large enterprise in design, architecture and IT indutries)
(open up new market to global economy; facilitate world trade)
Future Prospect
bring convenience
to people
no longer just for turning lights
makes the life
with people
system allows users to make changes
to school, office and school
Computers are
well connected
together and they may have
as Artificial Intelligence
white screen
Advanced Home Automation
, advanced and
easy to use(
user friendly
good for elderly (
)and children(
provide a great place for children to
learn (multimedia learing)
Smart Class room
high resolution
and animations
and interesting learning
3D and
with classmates, teacher and media
reach the nearly real situation (
computer modulation
Smart Office
Smart Health Care
working in the office is
no longer boring and job repeated
Colleges can share and present their works instantly
sit together with online
The system is
fast, stable and reliable
improves the efficiency
of the staffs
remove all the cold machines which make patient feel uncomfortable
and high efficiency
share data
quickly and have meeting with doctors overseas
instant data
for taking care of the patient
reduce the work load
of the doctors or other professions as the automation
Future Prospect
Advanced Home Automation Extension
Smart Class room
Smart Office
Smart Health Care
Future Prospect (Cont.)
Advanced Home Automation
Smart Class room
Smart Office
Smart Health Care
Potential risk
Data Management
Comparison: Tradition Vs Future
History of smart home
1.searching the history of smart home back to 19th century

2. any breakthrough for smart home technology

3. the business mode for smart home
Benefits of smart home

5.Energy Efficiency
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