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OpenTable: Your Reservation Is Waiting

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Noorkhalida Azmi

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of OpenTable: Your Reservation Is Waiting

OpenTable: Your Reservation Is Waiting

Fatahiyyah Zainal
Nur Fatihah Abu Bakar
Noorkhalida Azmi

What characteristics of the restaurant market make it difficult for a reservation system to work?
The restaurant industry was slow to leverage the power of Internet. This was in part because the industry was and continues to be highly fragmented and local.That would make it hard to deal with these restaurants as a single market.
Need real time access and instant booking
Large scale and scope - need to participating restaurants in different cities.
Updates are automated; 
Whenever there is an update it is available online to existing customers, often free of charge.
Accessible from any location;
  Rather than being restricted to installations on individual computers, an application can be accessed from anywhere with an internet enabled device.
Cross device compatibility; 
SaaS applications can be accessed via any internet enabled device, which makes it ideal for those who use a number of different devices

Question 3
How did OpenTable change its marketing strategy to succeed?
initially, pay online restaurant reviewers for links to its website and target national chains.
the company retooled its hardware and software to create a user-friendly reservation system
and deployed door-to-door sales force to attract subscriptions from high end restaurant.
Question 4
Why would OpenTable find that Saas in very attractive?
No additional hardware costs; The processing power required to run the applications is supplied by the cloud provider.
No initial setup costs; Applications are ready to use once the user subscribes.
Usage is scalable;  If a user decides they need more storage or additional services, for example, then they can access these on demand without needing to install new software or hardware
Question 1
Why will OpenTable competitors have a difficult time competing against OpenTable?
No online reservation service
Do not cover many areas (cities & countries)
Incompatible technology
Do not provide real time reservation, only at off – peak hours
Do not use door-to-door sales marketing strategy
No option to track customers behaviour
No variety choices of restaurants

OpenTable : Leading supplier of reservation, table management and guest reservation software for restaurants
OpenTable.com : Most popular website for making restaurants reservation online
Founded by Chuck Templeton in San Francisco, California in 1998
Automates reservation-taking and management process
Allows restaurants to build diner databases for improved guest recognition and targeted email marketing
Provides fast, efficient and reliable system for diners to find available tables at participating restaurants in real time based on other diner reviews
Web site directly connects to computerized reservation systems, reservations are recorded in restaurant’s electronic reservation book
Rewards diners with bonus points (1000 OpenTable points)
Serves 28000 restaurants and over 490 million diners in 13 countries including United State, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain and Japan
Also operates TopTable in United Kingdom

Thank You :)
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