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Improving the GED classroom

No description

Michal Watts

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Improving the GED classroom

Preparing for GED 2014
High School 21 Improving the GED classroom "Read like a detective, write like a reporter"

"Preparing for 40 years instead of
4 hours"

"Rigor" Significant Changes GED Test Changes 1. 75% non-fiction and 25% fiction (on tests)
2. Evidence, Evidence, Evidence based writing
3. Elimination of "Structured Essay Format"
4. New Extended Responses for science/social studies
5. New Extended Responses Rubric

The implementation of common core throughout K-12 and College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education are driving these changes.

*Depth of Knowledge Reading Readiness 1. Complexity: regular practice with complex
text and academic language

2. Evidence: Reading , writing, and speaking
grounded in evidence from text.

3. Knowledge: Using nonfiction content to enhance vocabulary

*Activity: Text Rigor
Comparing Gettysburg Address and
Winston Churchill Speech. Evidence based
Writing Integrating Best Practices 1. Reading Apprenticeship Tips: "chunking" text
2. Summarization: activities, lessons, tips
3. Peer Assistance/Collaboration: reading groups, debates
4. Setting Goals: Why am I reading this?
5. Word Processing: computer lab time
6. Sentence Combining: mini exercises to develop writing skills
7. Process Approach (meta cognition): How can I support this?
8. Inquiry: group activities, independent work
9. Pre-writing activities: cluster, brainstorm, graphic organizers
10. Study of Models: giving examples, scaffolding

*Sample Activitie packet HS 21+ Provides a high school diploma to adults over
21 years old.
*Review WA state graduation requirements

1. What content do we need to teach?
2. What interest/specialties do we have?
3. What standards do we use?
4. Grading requirements Integration How can you structure your class so students are
preparing for the GED 2014 test AND earning HS credits

1. Contextualize your instruction
2. Focus on challenging text reading
3. Assign evidence based writing
4. Integrate computer skills

(free website with many free textbooks to
download) 1. Elimination of "essay structure"
(Emphasis on beginning, middle, end)
2. Computer grading
3. Elimination of personal experiences,
thoughts, or feelings.
* Comparing Rubrics
*Daylight Savings Time Activity
*Discussion/comments of anchor papers
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