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No description

chloe capps

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of Acadia

by Chloe Capps

Detail 1
The top three reasons to visit my park

It has the tallest mountain on the us Atlantic coast.
Schoodic point
you can bike on historic caridge roads.
Detail 2
My park is located in maine
Detail 3
Detail 1
Why the us government decided that Arcadia should bee a national park[what is cool about Arcadia that needs to be protected]: There is a large variety of animals that are rare, such as the butterfly moth.There is also many land forms that can' t be found anywhere else Cadillac Mounain is truly one of a kind, and it is the tallest mountain on the US Atlantic coast.

Detail 2
The animals that can be found in Arcadia: The Luna moth,The Peregrine falcon,and the Northern sea star ; that's right! There's more than just land animals!!!!!!!!! The plants that live in Arcadia are, the wood lilly , and the water lilly , as well as many, many grasses, and moss types, a very common grass is Buffalo grass.

Detail 3
my park was founded in 1919
Detail 4
the kinds of ecosystems that my park has: swamps, ponds , marshes ,ocean, lakes, etc. , it also has mountains- birds love them- and forests for the more ''ferocious'' creatures
ha ha just kidding.
The geographic featureas that can be found in Arcadia: mountians,[26] ,an ocean shoreline\coastline, woodlands[forrests, groves] lakes,ocean,swamps, marshes, ponds,etc. schoodic point is a specific place on the coast. It is very pretty, but nothing lives there.
Acadia is 1564.9 miles away from west memphis!!!!!!!
that equals 24 hours and 37
minuites to drive!
It has the tallest mountain on the US side of the Atlantic.
It is the oldest national park east of the Mississippi river.
There are a total of 26 mountains in the park.
Thank you for watching my Prezi! I enjoyed presenting it very much.
images-google search
map and time log-google maps
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