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FBES78 Volcano and Earthquake Zones by Caitlan

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Caitlan Wolkenhauer

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of FBES78 Volcano and Earthquake Zones by Caitlan

Volcanoes and Earthquake Zones by Caitlan There are three major earthquake and volcano zones in the world One zone extends nearly all the way around the edge of the Pacific Ocean This zone goes through New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, Alaska, and along the west coast of North and South America The San Andreas Fault is part of this zone, which is known as "The Ring of Fire" Another zone is located near the Mediterranean Sea, which is how it gets its name, the "Mediterranean Zone" Some of the countries located in this zone that have had violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are: Italy, Greece, and Turkey The third major zone extends through Iceland to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean Located along this zone is an underwater range of mountain volcanoes that scientists call the "Mid-Atlantic Ridge" Volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, such as Iceland, are part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
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