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Presentation of the SOPHUS system

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on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Presentation of the SOPHUS system

Presentation of the SOPHUS system

for individual and business clients

Project baseline
Analysis of vehicles traffic
Area and objects surveillance
Identity verification
Improvement of production processes
Additional proposals for use of the SOPHUS system

The up to date undertakings clearly prove that the system may be efficiently used for the above-said purposes.
What is the SOPHUS system
SOPHUS is a modern system of video detection, image analysis and an immediate response, as well as a system collecting widely understood information.

The system is based on state-to-art technical and technological possibilities, which use best quality computer calculations powers.

It has taken a few years to develop, test, and implement the system, however today it is a proven and functioning system, which, at present, effectively utilizes almost 3000 video images.
How does the SOPHUS system operate
The CCTV surveillance system

Tedious, time consuming, and expensive backward analysis of the material registered in the object by the CCTV surveillance system.



Analysis of vehicles traffic
Analysis of vehicles traffic
Registration plates

The SOPHUS system after using proper algorithms will make it possible to record registration plates of vehicles, which are in the vision field, to the database.
A precise analysis may require
the mentioned data to be supplemented with time, speed, or e.g. size of the object.
Presence verification
Leaving or disappearance of objects

Use of special algorithms helps to detect objects, which should not be present in a zone indicated by the client, or will initiate alarm if the object under observation disappears!

The system may also initiate alarm if someone or something remains in the zone for too long.
Presence verification
The SOPHUS system detects objects in movement

SOPHUS detects and tracks moving objects. The system proves to be effective when observing the whole area of the company. It can monitor the object using many cameras, which allows for adequately early response and/or calling proper intervention authorities.
Perimeter protection of the area
Virtual fencing

The use of virtual lines in the SOPHUS system enables to react before someone approaches the fencing, or tries to overcome it, initiating previously defined form of alarm.
The system is not limited by the size of the area, type of fencing, or its shape.
Area protection example.
After cutting the line, the system counts entering and leaving vehicles. Moreover, the alarm will be initiated and/or the intervention group will be called. It depends on your preferences.

One camera may have few functions.

Other, special parameters and criteria of zone protection may be defined for a selected areas.
Operational centre SOPHUS
Human intelligence factor

An important element of the SOPHUS system is the Operational Centre, in which highly qualified operators are employed. Using video detection algorithms, they make an immediate analysis, undertake proper decision, and respond to a given situation.
SOPHUS operates simultaneously
Images in one place

When observing designated areas, the SOPHUS system analyses and indicated places where something unwanted is happening. This time operators respond immediately to prevent any possible event.
Przykłady - Program Smart City.
Wyznaczanie ścieżek ruchu

System SOPHUS potrafi nałożyć na obserwowany obraz obszary najczęściej uczęszczane przez poruszające się obiekty. Na podstawie tak wykonanej analizy obrazu system określi, które miejsca wymagają szczególnej uwagi i sporządzi analizę oraz raport, co w konsekwencji może poprawić system procesów produkcji i/lub pojazdów mechanicznych.
Additional benefits from use of the SOPHUS system
2. Maximum efficiency of interventions.

SOPHUS responds immediately to any upcoming threat. It helps to prevent theft, robbery, fires, moving within the area or any irregularities by the staff at work. This is what makes that the SOPHUS system stands out from other technologies and methods used in such cases. SOPHUS identifies risk in any place where traditional manners of alarm initiation fail – permanent surveillance allows to start intervention on time and/or to eliminate current irregularities in any place and at any time.
SOPHUS automatically and immediately informs proper authorities and/or responsible persons on the events.

Discounts at insuring companies.

Acknowledged insurance companies offer attractive discounts to clients who use electronic surveillance systems enabling an immediate reaction. The SOPHUS system is included in this category.
SOPHUS in every area of an every day life and a family life.

Innovativeness, state-of-art technology, reliability, and unlimited possibilities of SOPHUS prove the system effectiveness at every stage of life. SOPHUS is able to make day-to-day duties more efficient, ensure safety to the family or your property. It detects unwanted activity, ensures comprehensive protection of people and property, and even informs if someone enters to the protected area. The SOPHUS system easily becomes an irreplaceable element of business and private life!
SOPHUS in marketing and advertisement.

At present, we need a specific evidence and results to verify if a given advertisement can bring the expected effect. The SOPHUS system will do it for you as it has many applications – it will show you precisely, calculate, and make conclusions regarding external advertisement – where and how it should be used. Detailed analysis of SOPHUS allows you to prepare proper marketing strategy, which will bring the expected results.
The presented solutions comprise of an offer based on general concepts. It is necessary to review it after findings from the site inspection are made, which allow us to define all details. Knowledge of the SOPHUS system is supported by a long-term experience and actual realizations for our clients.
Spaces in which the SOPHUS system proves to be effective are unlimited: public areas, private properties, streets and parkings, offices or production halls, cultural events, special and mass events, vehicle surveillance or objects protection.
To see is to know
Thank you for your attention
Low cost of use of the SOPHUS system

The SOPHUS system is based on an innovative technology of visual surveillance, which cuts costs to a necessary minimum. Costs of a 24/h object surveillance is almost 3.5 times lower than cost of full-time employees, and 4 times lower than cost of an independent on-site surveillance.
SOPHUS analyses and presents data in any form
Analysed image in a graphic form

SOPHUS will present analysis according to the agreed criteria at any moment.
The system will present data in any form: diagram, table, or Excel file. This type of data will allow to make an analysis and conclusions.

Presence verification
Automatic response

The system will react immediately, starts the alarm and/or will inform proper authorities when it notices any unwanted event. The use of such solution is very effective in production, distribution, and logistics departments.
Management of passages and crossings
Modern access control

SOPHUS uses cameras to make decisions on personal or mechanical traffic in selected locations. SOPHUS, based on a detected registration number, may open the barrier or the gate, provided that a given registration number has proper priority. The system will transfer information on the upcoming vehicle, e.g. to the warehouse, so dedicated goods may be prepared for loading.
Objects protection
Protection of window and door openings

Use of proper algorithms in designated zones allows to respond in advance – before unauthorized person approaches the object subject to observations. The system will automatically define if the time of an event or other criterion requires reaction of the SOPHUS Operational System.
Perimeter protection of the area.
Examples of the area protection.

Using one camera, we may have up to 40 virtual lines on one image, which allows us to monitor the area within various criteria, depending on the needs.
Example of system functionality
Use of many applications at the same time

The SOPHUS system, only with use of one camera, counts all moving vehicles, entering and leaving objects, secures and alarms if the vehicle enters the safety zone. Moreover, it records image in the files and is connected to the existing system on the object under the observation.
Production systems improvement
Analysis according to a defined criterion

The video presents the analysis of an image based on colours detection. When detecting an object of light blue colour, the system automatically reacts and initiates alarm. It does not initiate alarm in the case of an object of darker colours, as the systems finds it safe. SOPHUS distinguishes objects and colours even when they mix with each other.
Objects identification

The system counts, distinguishes and identifies objects moving in various directions without any troubles regardless of their type and size. The presented example may be translated to a given type of activity and apply it to the preferences.
Systems improvement
Employee safety

The system using proper algorithms informs when the object under observation acts in a manner different than defined by the procedure. The video presents a person who works in a plant of an increased risk for health and life. If the worker is in horizontal position, the system immediately informs about it and sends signal to the rescue team.
Systems improvement
Work place monitoring

SOPHUS monitors work of staff. The system verifies if the employee is in his work place at a determined time. If the camera detects no activity when monitoring the work place or a place where the worker should be present, it automatically sends information to supervisors.
Example – systems improvements
SOPHUS offer
The offer of the SOPHUS system, which comprises of an attractive subscription, guarantees a comprehensive service. In each case, individual edge parameters of connecting the CCTV surveillance system of the client to the SOPHUS system is defined. The client incurs no costs until the agreement is signed.
For your convenience, SOPHUS offers very comfortable forms of financing.

SOPHUS - Watches, Sees, Reacts!
Elements analysis

The system verifies compliance of manufactured subcomponents according to determined criteria. In the case the element is blocked on the production line, the alarm is automatically sent to a responsible person. The video presents components counting and verification considering compliance.
Example – production systems improvements
Example – production systems improvement
Observation of a sensitive zone

The system identifies objects in all zones without any troubles. If the entering objects do not meet previously agreed criteria, SOPHUS automatically verifies and undertakes alarming actions.
Examples of system functionality
Traffic paths identification

The SOPHUS system is able to put areas mostly used by moving objects on the object under observation. Based on this analysis of the image, the system will define which places require special attention, and will prepare analysis and report, which may lead to improvement of production processes and/or motor vehicles.
The SOPHUS system diversifies and counts object.

The SOPHUS system distinguishes personal car from a truck, or a human or animal. It will count all the vehicles and people that cross virtual counting line, and will automatically present report in any time intervals.
6. Smooth connection of the SOPHUS system with human labour.

In many cases human factor is required in the structure and profile of the company’s activities. Thus, we would like to encourage you to see the offer of the sister protection system TFK, which guarantees professional and qualified services for full-time employees. We believe that the modern SOPHUS system along with traditional support of TFK employee will ensure an immediate response and intervention in the case dancer is detected.
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