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The Temperate Rainforest

By Niah Rogers, Brett Taylor, and Keenan Stars

Niah Rogers

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Temperate Rainforest

Temperate Rain Forest Animal Adaptation in the Temperate Rainforest Hibernation Migration Camouflage The cold weather and heavy snow makes for hard survival. Because of hibernation, they have no worries about limited supply, or competition over food. Some animals just decided to leave with the worsening conditions. Sometimes, its a shorter or longer distance to a drier climate. Once the harsh climate is over, animals have to protect themselves from predators. Because of the lack of color in temperate rainforests, many animals adapt to their surroundings by having less color in their pelts, or skin as to avoid being seen. Conservation Efforts Conservationists are striving to plant new trees and to encourage others to plant them as well.
They try to stop farmers and large agricultural companies from cutting down acres of trees because that land cannot be recovered.
Lobbyists are also trying to push for laws that prohibit cutting down acres of forest for farming and wood. Conservation Efforts in Other Countries Even in China, there are conservation efforts for their temperate forests, that homes some of the worlds most endangered species. Culture Rain Forest: A forest with heavy annual rainfall Temperate Rainforests are located anywhere but South America, Central Africa, and Southern Asia.
There is much variation between seasonal changes in temperate rainforests. Environment Big coniferous trees, Douglas firs, Western red cedar, Mountain hemlock, Western hemlock, Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine. In warmer spots, you might find some deciduous trees. Ex.(Big-Leaf Maple.)

These trees make for a home for many small plants and animals, some such as:
Lichens Plant Adaptation in the Temperate Rainforest Plants can adjust to changes in light and have bigger root systems for storage of nutrients than topical rainforest plants.
Conifers are found in temperate rainforests and individual plants may live for over 1000 years. The animals are also more adaptable. Why would you want to visit here? Unlike the tropical rainforest, there are no large predators! (Excluding wolves and bears) You can relax :D
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