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My journey through year 5

No description

Aqsa Raza

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of My journey through year 5

Our next topic was the victorians. This topic was a fun topic because we done lots of fun activities. We were studying the book street child. We went on a trip to the V&A museum and learnt many things about our art topic william morris. In our DT lessons we were making hot air balloons which was really fun!

The Highwayman
Finally our last topic was the Highwayman. We done lots of drama in this topic we also done alot of writing . In art we sewed this highwayman scene
on canvas. I thought this topic was a great
My journey through year 5
year 5
This year has been a great success for me!
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Meeting miss Mckenzie
When we came back from our holidays we had a different teacher. We asked our supply teacher where Mrs Pujji was and she said that she had an operation. She also said that her name was Miss Mckenzie and that she would be teaching us for some time. We had to get used to her routines
After a few Months Mrs pujji came back. Once we got to know her we carried on with our work that we did with Miss Mckenzie. Our topic then was King kong. We watched many clips of King Kong to help us with our work however it also helped us with our test.
At the start of the year we were told what maths groups we were in.

Mrs Pujji
This year has been a great success for me with trips, workshops and many other fun activities. I have made a great deal of progress in Maths, Literacy and many other subjects. My best topic has been King Kong. I liked this topic because it had fun and interesting lessons with it. My best trip was the trip to the science museum because it was fun learning about the exhibits and learning many new facts about science. This year we have done lots of fundraising activities like red nose day and children in need

My reveiw of progress
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