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Yay for Napoleon!

Pro Napoleon Propaganda

William Kawaihae

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Yay for Napoleon!

yay for napoleon bonaparte Analysis of my primary sources 1.
With this painting you can see
what an amazing military leader
he is. It exudes confidence,
determination and confidence.
If he was our leader we would
be undefeatable in war. (This is
a "Glittering Generalities" piece of propaganda.)
We know that he is a great soldier
and leader but her is also compassionate.
You can see how he helps those who are
ill and stricken with disease. Who else would
do this? Famous Quotes and slogans of Napoleon "England is a Nation of Shopkeeps" "I am the sucessor of not Lousi XVI but of Charlemagne" John Doe
Period 4 A A B
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