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Hannah Mumford English Newspaper Assignment

Hannah Mumford

on 15 June 2015

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Analysing an Asian Image
Headings and Sub Headings...
Tone and Bias
Unlike the headings above this heading/ subheading, “KING ELIVIS IS DEAD” and “He was 42 and alone” are effective due to their serious and shocking tone. This becomes affective as readers begin to build worry and wish to source more information about the subject by reading through the article. The structure is completed with short and quick words, however in this article it is structured this way to get to the point and quickly get the news across to the reader. “He was 42 and alone” is used to create an atmosphere of questioning/ confusion so the reader is intrigued into knowing what this had to do with his death. It can also arose questions which the reader wants to be answered when reading through the article. The purpose of these headings is to give news but at the same time create a questioning reader who is intrigued into knowing exactly just what had happened to their beloved Elvis.
Hannah Mumford
English Year 9
Analysing an Asian Image
“MEN WALK ON MOON” and “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” are excellent headings due to their exciting tone which catches the reader’s attention as they want to find out the details and get in on the excitement. The main heading becomes effective as it is quick and to the point as the structure is a simple four words, each with one syllable making it a fast read. The language of the heading is filled with joy which is shown through the short words symbolising when an individual is so beyond excited that they can barely say a word. The purpose of the heading and sub heading for this article is to catch the attention of readers so they read about the men walking on the moon and experience the excitement for themselves.
1. How does the image relate to the article?
The image relates to the article as the article is discussing the picture and how it captured the emotion and effects of the war in Vietnam. The article talks about what the main focus of the image (the girl in the middle), went through almost seconds after the picture was shot and how this effected the rest of her life. The young girl that is the focus of the picture is screaming, the rest of her life, described throughout the article, is represented by this. She goes through her life struggling and unable to find a family and happiness. When the photographer saves her and takes her to a hospital it represents her finding a husband and starting a family, being happy again.

A performance that should have stayed behind its mask
Boring Review...
The year level went to a performance and watched as performers told a story to the audience. A mother was telling her son a story about the moon loving the sun. The moons servant, a hare named Jack, was supposed to take a jewel to the Sun as the Moon could not. Along the way, Jack the hare lost the jewel and needed the Mother and Son to help him find it. They found the jewel and the Moon and Sun lived happily ever after. The Mother continued on with her life as her Son died. The sets and props were interesting as well as the costumes.
Exciting Review...
Describe the features of the image using your knowledge of camera techniques...
The camera technique used is a long shot as it shows immense detail of the scenery in the background, including debris, soldiers and other children running for their lives. It also centers the little girl and gives information as to why she is screaming, crying and running for her life. By showing the other items in the background of the picture, it can intrigue the reader into wanting to know what exactly those particular elements are there for and how they're incorporated within the story.
How is the image effective at manipulating our emotions?
The image is effective at toying with our emotions as it makes the audience feel blue, down and depressed. This is due to the screaming and crying children running for their lives, which could now potentially be forever haunted. However, it also gives the readers a sense of anger when looking at the soldiers in the background casually walking with fierce weapons in their arms and not a care in the world for the amount of emotional pain they are giving the innocent children.
"Player hits referee"
- Player smashes referee

"Supporters run onto pitch"
- Physcotic supporters scramble onto pitch

"Argument closes factory"
- Riot pushes factory doors to close

"Shortage of money creates problems in schools"
- Financial corruption causes tension in schools

"A hundred peasants killed by troops"
- Innocent citizens murdered by troops

"Political meeting ends in disturbance"
- Political parties slam doors on professional meetings

Why is the layout of the Image Important?
What is the Purpose of the Image in Relation to the Article?
The bored and restless year nines discussed the performance they had just endured. The play was about a mother reading an extremely superficial story to her son, who was a terminally ill cancer patient stuck in between the white walls of a hospital room. THE STORY WAS ABOUT an overpowering Moon falling deeply in love with the clueless Sun and despite her many horrendous attempts, could not express this as they always happened to be so far apart. So in order to show the Sun how much she is in love with him the Moon sends her servant, Jack the hare, to take a precious jewel made up of all the most beautiful stones in the world to her beloved Sun. However after running into one too many curious and riddle loving individuals Jack manages to lose the jewel, which the Moon was beginning to fancy more then the Sun. Due to his stupidity, Jack becomes banished from his land by the Moon as she looses her temper wildly when she discovers his fail of a quest. So eventually Jack has to seek help from the poor and innocent cancer patient, who finds it hard simply getting out of hospital, and his mother to find the jewel and continue the adventure to the moon. After quite some time was wasted on listening to more riddles and horrendous singing, the three finally find the LONG lost jewel and manage to hand it to the Sun. It all becomes a happy ending when the Sun and Moon get to be happy together and Jack is no longer banished... but then out of no where the ill cancer boy dies right on the spot and completely ruins the almost happy ending. Throughout the performance there were interesting lighting choices, such as a cool setting on the moon which symbolises her coldness and needing for love juxtapose to the warm setting with the Sun symbolising his bright life.
TEENAGE boys consume more fatty, sugary and high salt snacks than their female peers and are more easily lured by multimillion-dollar junk food marketing campaigns, leading to long-term health problems, a study shows. Latest research by the National Heart Foundation and Cancer Council has revealed the worrying findings as health experts urge parents- and especially governments- to tackle the issue of junk food and its effect on the nation's next generation. The study found teenage boys were more likely to eat fast food (46%) compared with girls (34%) and more consumed sugary drinks (28%) compared with the opposite sex (14%). Almost 9000 Australian secondary students in Years 8 to 11 were surveyed. More then 50 percent of all teenagers surveyed said they tried a new soft drink or food product after they had seen it advertised. National Heart Foundation chief executive officer Mary Barry said she was concerned by the survey results. "More needs to be done at a national level to help support health groups, parents and schools counteract junk food advertising to improve our nations future health" she said.
* Teenage boys consume more sugary, fatty and high salt snacks than their female peers.
* 9000 Australian secondary students in years 8 to 11 were surveyed.
* More then 50% of all teenagers surveyed said that they had tried a new soft drink or food product after they had seen it advertised.

* 46% of teenage boys are more likely to eat fast foods.
* Only 34% of teenage girls are more likely to eat fast foods.
* 28% of sugary drinks are consumed by teenage boys.
* Only 14% of teenage girls consume sugary drinks.
* Boys are easily lured towards junk foods and sugary drinks compared to girls.
* National Heart Foundation
* Cancer Council
Readers become attracted to this particular article due to the extremely effective headings which capture their attention as they're flicking through the newspaper. The headings are effective as the tone is meant to be quite serious however comes across as humorous and light hearted as it draws the attention away from the saddened fact that some humans were hit by lightning and were
the article. Overall the purpose of these headings is to make the mood of the article less emotional and serious to more hysterical and upbeat.
potentially injured severely. By juxtaposing the humans being hit with the frog, it makes the story become more cheerful compared to what it truly states. The author uses words such as "a few" so that there aren't any facts or figures in the headings as it can give away information which will be read when reading through
In this article the layout of the image is important so that readers can gain an understanding of the background to the image before continuing on and reading the article. The image is placed at the top of the article and is quite large so that all readers can analyse it carefully and see the setting of the picture and the individuals captured in it.
In relation to the article, the purpose of the image is to capture the readers attention. It grasps the attention of readers as it is an emotional image and due to the positioning and size it would be an eye catcher when flicking through the newspaper. In relation to the article, the image is important because it is the main clause for the article. This is because the author is talking about how this image taken had ruined the life of the main little girl in the picture as she was constantly talked about after the image became incredibly famous.
Which two newspapers tell us how long the trouble lasted?
The newspapers that told the amount of time the trouble had lasted for were he Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph. They both agreed that it took 35minutes to control.
Which three newspapers tell us what weapons were used?
The Daily Mail, the Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph were the three newspapers that stated the weapons used in the riot. The weapons stated were: hammers, knives, milk bottles, screwdrivers and stones.
Four newspapers say that only windows were broken. What else was broken according to the other two?
According to the other two articles, the Daily Mail and Daily Express, doors and milk bottles were also smashed other then windows.
What reasons might there be for these differences between the reports.
As there were different reporters asking questions and different papers publishing the story, it can change the literal storyline as they all add their own opinion about the event throughout their articles.
Two newspapers refer to the pupils as a 'mob'. What idea does 'mob' give?
'Mob' can often suggest a large scary group of individuals that do not "play by the rules". This can imply that the school students do not care about the amount of trouble they will be in and it makes the scenario seem much more threatening as there are aggressive teens running muck throughout the town.
What idea does 'gang' give us? Why didn't the newspaper just say group?
By calling the group of students gang rather then group, it creates an atmosphere of tension as the reader can become quite anxious about the students as the word 'gang' makes them seem bigger and fiercer then just using 'group'.
One newspaper says the pupils 'stormed' through the school. Why didn't it just say 'ran'?
By saying stormed rather then ran it makes the story more intense as it sounds more alarming and threatening. This then makes the story more intriguing.
One newspaper said that people nearby were 'terrified' What would these people have done if they were actually terrified?
If the people were actually terrified then they would call the police and potentially leave the town. Also they might not have been comfortable talking with news reporters about the situation after wards.
Which report do you find the most dramatic?
The most dramatic and over the top article is the one written by the the Star. This is because it uses expressive language to over exaggerate the story and make it seem way more dangerous and threatening then it actually was. The Star use words such as 'terrified' and 'powerless' to emphasize the frantic citizens trying to both calm the situation down and stay out of it due to panic.
What is Bias and Tone...
Bias and Tone finally explained...
When an article is bias, it means that the authors has written it specifically so that it will be read in a certain way to enhance their opinion of the subject. A bias article tends to obtain ONLY the authors opinion and has tonnes of supporting evidence to back up their point of view. In some of the mentioned riot articles, the authors have used certain words to make it seem as if the whole upset was the teachers fault due to their immaturity of refusing dinner duties. They are written this way as this is how the author has interpreted the story and this is how they wish every one else to.
The tone of an article is the emotional feelings and attitude towards the topic. The tone outlines the way an article can be interpreted, for example if it was a depressing tone then whilst reading the reader would begin to feel as if it is quite a sad, depressing article. All authors use a range of techniques to make sure they create the exact tone they're wanting throughout the article they're writing. In these particular articles about the school riot, the tone is serious and worrying as the authors try to create a feeling of panic when reading their articles.
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