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Political Cartoon Analysis

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Login Dryden

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Political Cartoon Analysis

Political Cartoon Analysis
Cynthia Herczeg
Backround about situation
In 2008 a credit crisis broke out. It started with a collapse of the housing market, where houses were overpriced from there value, then prices dropped and created a global crisis. This known to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. This led many companies/corporations in huge dept. The financial institutions required bailouts from the government. Failure to keep businesses occured because of the money shortage, which then caused people to spend less money making it harder to resolve this dept. Higher taxes couldn't solve this, it would only leave the people with less and less money. Still to this day has an effect from this crisis.
The cartoon portrays the U.S president Barack Obama as a farmer going to milking a cow that represents the U.S treasury. In the cartoon the cow is portrayed to be really skinny, which shows that the cow is over milked (too much money is taken from the U.S Treasury.) Buckets are used to show how he is taking money from the U.S Treasury for financial corperations, such as AIG, banks, Insurances, ect.
Analysising the cartoon
What is their perspective?
Their perspective is how Obama is taking too much from the U.S treasury which is already used to take too much money from, and taking even more. The cow is really skinny, that not much could be taken, but still the cartoon shows how Obama is milking it more.
Do you agree or disagree? Why?
I agree with the concern, but disagree with the conclusion. The government is helping give a jump start to the failed economy. Cartoonist portrays a valid concern that by lending more money to troubled corporations increases the national dept but could help save jobs for the people which is also the government's responsibility.
Summarizing the message.
The message is that is seems like an impossible job the get more milk from the cow. The creator of the cartoon is showing how he/she disagrees by communicating the fact that Obama is taking money from the U.S Treasury. They portray this but exagerating the fact that the Treausury has no money by making the cow super skinny.
I think the cartoon gets the point through very well, so readers easily understand the point he is trying to portray. He uses symbols (skinny cow) to show how much of an effect it creates on the U.S Treasury , and what Obama is doing.
What is the author trying to portray?
An event that shows the decision of the government to get involved in the financial crisis and lend money to troubled financial institutions by increasing the government dept.
What did this do?
Increase national debt
What is U.S treasury?
A government department that issues money, U.S mint ( prints and makes money) and collects taxes.

Who is the black farmer in the cartoon?
The U.S president Barack Obama
Questions you may ask
How much was the U.S in debt?
Currently about 18 trillion dollars

Thats all thank you for sitting through my prezi. :)
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