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New Trends in B2B e-Business

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on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of New Trends in B2B e-Business

New Trends in B2B e-Business
of B2B e-Business
Enables the exchange of information
Better meets customer's needs
Reduce marketing cost
Customers are better funded
Target Market and constant buyers
Reduces transaction cost
Access to information readily available
B2B sales tools help with growth of company
Latest Trends in B2B e-Business
Smartphone Applications
114 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone as of July 2012. (comScore)
56% of U.S. mobile phone subscribers use a smartphone. (Nielsen)
70% of mobile device shipments in 2012 were smartphones or tablets. (Gartner)
100% annual growth rate in mobile e-commerce. (Internet Retailer)
41% of the business workforce uses smartphones on the job. (Osterman Research)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
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Business-to-business transactions take place when two organizations do business over a computer network; the sellers and buyers are businesses.

Conducting business over a computer network: private network, intranet or extranet. It's not exclusively buying and selling but also servicing customers and working with business partners and suppliers.

What is B2B e-Business?
The buying and selling process is complex and less immediate
Financial costs
The need to create, enforce and improve internal control systems
Potential for consumer doubt and skepticism
Risky consequences of technology disruptions
Difficult to attract & maintain business relations
Ethical Issues
A set of social networking and collaborating tools that provide many benefits:
• Reduces organizational barriers
• Improves innovation and decision making
• Connects professionals and experts
• Minimizes failures and delays
• Sense of community and interaction across departments

Enterprise Social Software (ESS)
What Can B2B Apps Do?
Supply Order
Account Team
Business Locator
News Alerts
Business Index Calculation and Analysis

Smartphones are mainstream. People conduct business on mobile.
B2B Apps
Lettuce is a simple to use order management system that enables small businesses to capture, process, and fulfill orders anywhere, in real-time. Whether you are taking a wholesale order through our iPad based point of sale app or a consumer order through your e-commerce platform, Lettuce completely automates the entire process by integrating with popular backend systems such as Quickbooks, Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, UPS, FedEX, Stamps.com, inventory, etc.
What’s EDI?
How is it related to B2B e-commerce?

Benefits of EDI

1. Liberate valuable resources
2. Dramatically improve speed
3. Drastically improve accuracy
4. Improve operational efficiency

1. Market Advantage
2. Speed
Social Networks
Top B2B for social media. It has so far been the most effective B2B marketing trend for e-business, simply because it links so many business professionals. People are shown based upon interest, industry, etc. which makes it easier to target potential buyers.
• 41% of B2Bs surveyed indicated they have acquired customers through Facebook
• B2B uses more social media elements such as Facebook “Like” buttons
• Social media is used to be more engaging, keep things lively, and “hip”
• Facebook allows comments and keeps things conversational. It also allows for customer service feedback

• Twitter acts as an introduction service essentially, as it is so easy to connect with people.
• Twitter allows for B2B to feel more personal and allows for businesses to be conversational simply by “@” other people in the organization
• Twitter allows for potential buyers to check your progress regularly
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