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Bandag Automotive

MGMT 620

Hung Son Bui Nguyen

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Bandag Automotive

Bandag Automotive Hung Son Bui Nguyen
Siqiong Hong
Stephanie M Abe
Stephon J Garett O.U.T.L.I.N.E SUMMARY Current Problmes Q&A THANKS FOR LISTENING Solutions Manager's Objective Summary
Manager's Objective
Current Problems
Solutions Lack of Human Resource Department
Management's Issues Build up human resource department
Bandag Automotive •based in Illinois
•family owned and operated
•300 employees
•auto supply distributor
service stations and repair shops
five auto supply retail stores Bandag Automotive Bandag has a very simple organization chart
Jim and Jim’s father oversee marketing and sales
full-time comptroller
five store managers
manager of distribution
Jim’s executive assistant Bandag Automotive Bandag outsources most of its HR services
recruiting, screening, 401(k) plan, and payroll
purchase HR forms from a supplier: applications, performance appraisals, screening tools, ie. “honesty” test Bandag Automotive Jim took over the family business in 2005
Jim’s father took a paternal approach to management
Jim’s approach focuses on financial performance
Effects of Jim’s management on Bandag Automotive
increased sales and profits
influx in HR/EEO issues Problems Outsource most HR activities Conduct informal salary survey Lack of motivational practices among employees Got a complaint from Henry about the working conditions Problems with Gavin and Miriam in the FMLA Problems no formal procedures of firing employees Inappropriate way of implementation of company’s strategy Lack of communication between managers and employees Problem in communication channel Employee dissatisfaction overall Problems of retention employee Lack of empowerment and delegation Problems Changes in the company do not give time for employees to adapt Management style of Jim Jim’s Characteristics Employee's Issues Management's Issues Lack of Human Resource Department Solution: Lack of Human Resource Department Appoint new HR Manager and recruit 4 Human Resource Executives Activities of New Human Resource Department Separate Bandag from the external agencies Prepare the HR policies - aligned with the company's new strategy Generate HR Forms Review about all legal issues and cases One HR Assistant in charge of recruiting and training Activities of New Human Resource Department One HR Assistant in charge of current employees - tracking promotions, proper counselling and firing employees - Performance Management Process One HR Assistant in charge of SHE (Safety Health Enviroment) and employee relation One HR Assistant in charge of compensation and benefits Solutions for Management's Issues The Gap between managers and employees Improve Communication Channel Improve the action plan for new strategy Improve the leadership style The Gap between managers and employees Celebrate some of achievements and events of the company Company’s birthday party Set up the online forum so that all employees will discuss and have the idea about all kinds of issues relevant with the company Providing mentoring under supervising Giving more supports to Jim Company provides more training courses Improve Communication Channel Formal: goals, policies, and procedures of an organization; newsletter; memoranda, reports, directions, and scheduled meetings… Informal: lunchtime at the organization's cafeteria; managers walking around; quality circles, team work, different training programs… Unofficial: minutes of a meeting; social gatherings… Improve the action plan for new strategy Communicate clearly to the controller and manager at each store about the strategy Formal meeting to collect the idea and see how the managers response with the new strategy Monthly meeting to see how the managers implement the company’s strategy Improve the leadership style Transactional leadership --> Transformational leadership especially in the family owned business Improve the financial performance based on the employee-centered
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