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Great Gatsby Intro Lecture

No description

Laura Randazzo

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Great Gatsby Intro Lecture

Gatsby is… Prohibition was in effect
Dances such as the Charleston were popular
Unique slang: Moll? Hoofer? Bee’s knees? Hooch?
Booming economy
Rebelled against social norms of the early 1900’s
Flappers delayed marriage
Carefree lifestyle The Jazz Age
Money from family wealth
Doesn’t work
Reserved & refined
Respected above all in the 1920’s
Not born with $$$
Works hard
Shows off/bling-bling
Not as respected in the 1920’s Old Money Vs. New Money
Self-made man
Lives next door to Nick Carraway
Still in love with Daisy Buchanan, ex-girlfriend Main Characters of The Great Gatsby Today? American Dreamers 1922
New York City
Long Island
West Egg vs. East Egg Setting West Egg
(New Money) East Egg
(Old Money)
Nick’s cousin
Jay’s ex-girlfriend
Married to Tom Buchanan
Spoiled rotten
Daisy’s cousin
Gatsby’s neighbor
Fish out of water
Married to Daisy
Classmate of Nick's at Yale
Old Money
Power-hungry racist
Having an affair with... Having affair with Tom Buchanan
Married to George Wilson, garage owner
Wants to marry Tom
Professional golfer
Old Money
Friend of Daisy Buchanan's
Summer romance (of sorts) with Nick Carraway Themes Jennifer Lopez Eminem Barack Obama Stephen King Oprah Winfrey Bill Gates Kelly Clarkson Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton Drug problems? Both
Drunk-driving arrests? Both
Sexy scandals? Both
Make bad movies? Both
Failed singing careers? Both

And, yet...
which one still gets endorsement deals and has maintained acceptance in elite social circles? That's right – Paris! Old money wins, even today.
Ready to start?
Then grab a book and let's go...
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