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Cultivating Resilience

FIT Professional Development Day

Wilson Okello

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of Cultivating Resilience

Cultivating Resilience
FIT Professional Development Day

What comes to your mind when you hear the word resilience?
If we have done a good job you will...
What do stories and ART tell us about resilience?
Tupac Shakur...through hip hop and rap music brought attention to the harsh realities of urban life while questioning and subverting prevailing cultural ideologies

Audre Lorde...For each of us as women, there is a dark place within, where hidden and growing our true spirit rises...this these deep places, each one of us holds an incredible reserve of creativity and power...poetry is not a luxury...it is a vital necessity of our existence"

Construct a working knowledge of resilience
Weigh the limitations of resilience and grit
Observe the use of art as a method of resilience
Examine the use of story as a way to position resilience
Analyze your story for cultural wealth
Compose a toolbox of resilience strategies
Understanding power
Perception is reality
Perception is grounded in our truths about the world
Structural constraints to voice
Structural oppression functions under the guise of status quo
Somethings are out of our control
Resilience is...
Resilience is the capacity to withstand stress and catastrophe. It is the capability of humans to adapt and overcome adversity. Individuals and communities are able to rebuild their lives even after devastating tragedies.
The poem uses symbolism to discuss the value of maintaining goals and ambitions despite grossly difficult circumstances. The artist personifies himself as the rose and his home as the concrete.

As we harness the power of analysis and creation we discover...

the essence of a counter-story

how to be courageous

the power of "Naming"

I believe in storytelling...
Resilience is not a passive endeavor
Resilient people are experts at defining themselves
Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me.

We must learn to hold on to all of the parts of us that serve us despite the pressure to express one/some over others.
"the most common way people give up their power is by thinking that they don't have any"- Alice Walker
Resilience is a dynamic process
Resilient people speak truth to power
"I have come to believe that what is important to me must be spoken, made verbal, and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised"
Authenticity outweighs the consequences

Appeal to a justice orientation

Compelled by their values
Resilient people are "gritty"
"Distinguished by their propensity to maintain effort and interest over years despite failures, adversity, and plateaus in progress"
Gritty individuals
Motivated by meaning and engagement
Disposed to think about what they can change in their lives
Dedicated focus to pursuits
Resilient People...
Know their boundaries
Keep Good company
Resilient people...
Cultivate Self awareness

Experience their full emotions
Resilient people...
Tap into their Cultural Wealth
Resilient people...
Consider the possibilities
Critiquing resilience
Persistence should depend on your goals
Why are you pursuing?
Grit can be counter-productive
Can be politically and philosophically conservative
Adversity does not make you stronger
Resilient people are not immune to stress
Resilient people are independent, self reliant

Resilient people have...
Mindfulness practices

Writing practices

Sitting in silence

Resilience Cycle
Patterson, 2005
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