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Kids at age 12 should be able to drive

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Nikko Santiago

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Kids at age 12 should be able to drive

By: Nikko Santiago Kids At Age 12 Should Be Able To Drive A Car When humans learn how to drive at an early age, they have more experience. So when they are adults, they can prevent less car crashes. These days, adults have about 5.25 million accidents last year. Plus, kids will learn more in car safety. People learn faster when they are young. Kids are still learning, so their brains are still growing. If they are already grown up, it's harder to explain. When they are adults, it's already too late. If children know how to drive, parents wouldn't have to drop off their children at school. When parents are having to wake up early in the morning, having to wake up their child, make breakfast, and have to drive them to school, then it's probably easier to let them drive. If children drive, parents could rest in the morning. Take my dad for example, he starts work at 2:30pm and ends work at 1:45am, that means he has only 4 hours of sleep, then has to go to work 7 hours after he drops us off. But if I learn how to drive, he can sleep more. Kids should be able to drive a car at age 12. Kids will have more experience. People learn faster when they are young. Last, but not least, Parents wouldn't have to drop off their children to school.
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