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A 6-Word Memoir:

No description

Lynn Alvarez

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of A 6-Word Memoir:

A 6-Word Memoir
6-Word Memoir: Examples
6-Word Memoir: Inferences
Revisit your 6-Word Memoir
Use your 6-Word Memoir first draft as an brainstorming list.

Think about the emotion/tone you want to express. Pay attention to the connotation of your word choice to communicate that tone.

Be authentic, honest, and respectful. Make sure you are comfortable with what you share.

*Finalize your 6-Word Memoir. Identify the tone. How do you know? Explain the connotation of your diction (word choice).

Why do people tell their stories?

Explain with reasons and/or examples.
A 6-Word Memoir:
a brief autobiography
Warm up:
6 words
that describe YOU.

A. For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
B. Fifteen years since last professional haircut.
C. Found true love after nine months.
D. Staring upwards. Pretending to be elsewhere.
E. My brain's a box of crayons.
Write one example:
A. What is the topic?
B. What is the tone (attitude) about the topic based on the connotation or context? Explain.
C. Make inferences about the person's background (experiences, beliefs, traits). How do you know?
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