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Second Informational

Sigma Lambda Gamma 2nd Informational

Ariana Matos

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Second Informational

Informational Agenda
Introduction of Sisters
Introduction of Guests
Southeast Region
Intake Process
Application Process and Requirements
Active Sisters Obligations
Financial Obligations
Questions & Answers All of the chapters and colonies in the country are divided into regions. Florida is part of the Southeast Region, as well as the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. What is a colony?
A colony begins as an interest group that contacts headquarters and expresses their interest for the organization. Headquarters then decides if the group of girls will be granted the permission to become a colony. After they are recognized by Headquarters, they must follow specific rules and regulations to receive chapter status. This period is called the probationary period. Before this period, a colony is actually chartered with 10 active members for a year. Currently The Southeast Region has only 1 colony. Welcome! The Southeast Region Definitions What is a chapter?
For a colony to become a chapter, it must first be recognized by Headquarters and the national body of directors to receive the full rights of the sorority.

A chapter is created by a school that fulfills all requirements from Headquarters and Nationals. They are then granted permanent status and seen as an official representative of the sorority. As of now, The Southeast Region has 13 chapters.
Florida Atlantic University
University of North Florida There is only 1 Colony left... Sigma Lambda Gamma
National Sorority Inc.

Second Informational
University of South Florida
Florida State University
University of Florida
University of Central Florida
Georgia State University
University of Tampa
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
University of Miami
University of Alabama
Florida International University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Lousiana State University
South Carolina State University Our Chapters are located in... Intake Process We do not Rush
Informational meetings
Need to fill out an Associate Member Application
Go through Interviews
It will be like taking another 3 credit class
IT WILL BE TIME CONSUMING! The application will be given to you after the informational
EVERYONE is able to fill out an application
In order to be reviewed you must meet the requirements:
Academic Standard: 2.75/4.00
Desire to Help & Bond with Other Collegiate Women
Goal to Serve the Community
Belief in Sorority Principles
Ability to Work as Part of a Team to Achieve a Common Goal
Leadership, Proactivism, Positive Attitude
Letter of recommendation is required
Non-refundable application fee of $25
After we have received your applications and has been reviewed you will go through interviews. Application Process Follow policies & procedures and uphold the Principles of Sigma Lambda Gamma.
Attend weekly Chapter meetings.
Maintain a G.P.A. of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.
Be involved as a chapter officer, committee chair, and/or committee member.
Participate in 75% of all other sorority functions.
Maintain good financial standing.
Be involved in outside activities on and off-campus. Active Sisters Obligations Associate Member fees that are mostly one time only:
$25 Associate Member Application
Induction fee $120
Initiation fee $145
After Initiated dues will be:
Chapter dues $100 per semester
MultiCultural Greek Council $10
Greek Programming Council $5
National dues $110 Financial Obligations THANK YOU FOR COMING!! Questions? Comments? South Carolina State! Florida Gulf Coast University Contact number (305)-771-3931
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