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Compare & Contrast

No description

samantha stewart

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Compare & Contrast

Compare & Contrast By : Samantha Stewart What are Mechanical and ELectromagnetic waves? Electromagnetic waves are waves that causes a vibration to travel through a medium. Mechanical waves is disturbing that carries energy to one place to another. How are Mechnical and Electromagnetic waves are produced? Mechanical waves are produced by sources of energy that cuase the vibration to travel through a medium Electromagnetic Waves are produced by
constantly changing fields. How do Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves trael? Electromagentic Waves travel through solids and liquids. MAgentic fields, electric fields help too. Mechanical waves travel through solids and lquids. With three waves transverse, longitudinal, and surface waves help too. Properties of Mechanical Waves Mechanical waves carries energy
through water. They require matter
to travel though. Properties of Electromagnetic Waves there are three main types of mechanical waves : Transverse,Longitudinal, and Surface waves Electromagnetic waves vary in wavelength and frequency Mechanical waves behavior Electromagnetic waves behavior by reflecting In the same was as mechanical waves
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