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No description

Chelsea Desveaux

on 15 November 2013

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Princess Margaret Elementary School (K-6)
Conservative small town on the shore of the Great Lakes
Few restaurants, little entertainment
Day described as a cold cloudy January evening (4:30pm-7:30pm)
Sets the tone for the case study
Isolated, frustrated, overwhelmed
Classroom and Parking Lot
First year teacher of a grade one class
8 colleagues
All of whom have >15 years experience
Student struggling with behavioral/attention challenges
Judgemental, biased
Critical events
Flat tire
Leads to reflecting back on years challenges
Fellow teachers were remote, distracted (long-term residents)
Staff meeting
Forced to take on role of extra-curricular programer
Role of teachers' federation representative
"Strike captain"
Problems with self-control and respect for authority
Parents initially reluctant to converse, or think of solutions
Embedded issues
Shawn was a first year teacher who took on numerous tasks (extra-curricular sports, leadership roles)
Struggled to gain confidence from fellow teachers, and parents
Stressed and overwhelmed persona lead to distraction from actual teaching practices and meeting needs of students
Lacked any form of mentor ship from the other more experienced teachers
Isolated and alone
Power struggle between experienced teachers
Set up schedules in which students could help him in school activities (setting up equipment)
Allow parent volunteers to aid in the classroom
Recognized his leadership roles lead to his improved responsibility/growth as a person
Alleviated parental concerns through hard work/communication
Next year decided to stay with same grade/school to alleviate work load
Eventually moved to a larger city where he attended youth group meetings, joined a local soccer team, and achieved his masters in education
Question 4.
Shawn was aware that "teaching was the only profession that required its beginning teachers to do exactly the same job and to be equally as competent as experienced teachers". Comment on this statement and its implications

Question 5.
Although he was under a lot of stress, why was Shawn seen as successful in his first year of teaching, even when he had little support from his principle and colleagues?
Question 10.
What do children gain from co-curricular activities? would they be better having free time to choose some of their own games during the lunch period and after school?
Themes: Beginning teaching, mentorship, school culture, classroom management

Shawn was a first year teacher who was given a number of extra-curricular leadership responsibilities in his new school. He found it stressful to provide leadership during a teacher strike, to organize all-school sport programs, and to meet the needs of the students in his class. lacking any type of mentorship, he found his first year isolating and difficult
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