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A Long Walk to Water

No description

Simona B

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Water

A Long Walk to Water
Salva's Character Traits
Salva always has a positive attitude, meaning he always sees the good in bad situations even when the 2 people who helped him survive, died. In chapter 11 page 65, it reads, "Mariel and Uncle were no longer by his side, and they never would be again, but Salva knew that they both would have wanted him to survive..." Salva's Uncle and his friend Mariel helped Salva survive and make it through many challenging obstacles that nature and the war threw in his path, but soon those amazing people passed away, but Salva still looked at the bright side of their deaths because he knew that their deaths helped keep him moving and made him stronger. Their deaths also helped Salva make it to the different refugee camps, to America, and to start his business to help others.
Salva's Character Trait
Salva is a hopeful person. He doesn't give up easily and think all hope is lost even if he is holding on to that hope for several months. In chapter 14 page 89, it states, "Each time a list was posted, Salva’s heart would pound as he read the names. He tried not to lose hope.” Salva wouldn't give up even when every time a list was posted and his name was not on it, he still had hope that the next one would have his name.

Nya's Character Trait
Major Settings
Nya's major settings are at her village and the path Nya walks to go to the pond. To describe the village's setting it is hot, people and children are around, there are houses, and no water near by. The path to the pond has thorns scattered on the dirt path, the sun is strong, and it is extremely hot.
Salva's major settings are refugee camps and the desert. These are major settings in the Salva story because Salva spends more time traveling in deserts to different places such as the refugee camps where he spends most of his adolescent time in. The description of the refugee camps is it's hot, filled with many people and packed. Not much food or water for the refugees, but just enough to live, sickness and death, children and people who lost their family, and workers who don't care much for the refugees.
By Linda Sue Park
Presentation by Simona Barbagallo
Nya is a responsible young woman. She is able to walk 8 hours a day to retrieve water for her and her family. In chapter 4 page 20, it states, "Home for just long enough to eat, Nya would now make her second trip to the pond. To the pond and back -to the pond and back- nearly a full day of walking altogether." Nya clearly is responsible since she retrieves water daily for her and her family without complaining even though its a long excursion.
Nya's Character Trait
Nya is persistent throughout this amazing novel. Nya has no limits when it comes to getting water for her and her family. She keeps on moving even if she is injured. In chapter 2 page 8, it exclaimed, "She looked at the bottom of her foot. There it was a big thorn that had broken off in the middle of her heel." Nya continued to walk to the to the pond and retrieve water even though she painfully stepped on a thorn.
A long walk to water has many themes. One theme is
Nature Can Present Many Challenges to Humans.
This theme is presented in this novel when Nya has no water near her house and has to walk 8 hours a day. That is the challenge that nature brings to them. In chapter 4 page 20, it reads, "Home for just long enough to eat, Nya would now make her second trip to back from the pond..." Nya has no water near her village so she has to walk on a thorny path in the burning sun to a pond that doesn't even have clean water.
Another theme in Along Walk to Water is
Sometimes We Have to Abandon Things that Are Important to Us in Order to Survive.
This theme is supported when Salva has to abandon his home and family so that he can survive and get out of the war that broke out in his village. In chapter 1 page 7, it reads, "Then he was running, too. Running as hard as he could, into the bush away from home... He tripped and almost fell. No more looking back: it slowed him down. Salva lowered his head and ran." Salva had to abandon everything so he can run away to safety in the bush. He had leave his school, his village, and his family so that he would not be killed and would survive.
Book Rating
This book is truly a 5 stars book in my opinion. This book is an enjoyable, historical book that when one chapter ends it makes me want to immediately read the next. This book is also inspirational because Salva was a boy who lost everything to becoming someone who helped many people so they wont have to go through the torment Salva went through. This is one of my favorite survival books in the world.
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