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Sister Irene-final copy

No description

Nyandeng Thuc

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Sister Irene-final copy

Sister Irene McCormack Sister Irene was full of Compassion
and... This her... Story Sister Irene was an incredible women, she inspired people to do what they believed in no matter the cost Early Life Irene grew up on a wheat & sheep farm in Western Australia and received her schooling form the Sisters of St Joseph. The young Irene McCormack was said to be a vibrant, determined and fun-loving girl. By the time she was 15, Irene McCormack had decided she wanted to become a nun. She was sent to boarding school at Santa Maria College, in Attadale Western Australia where people have said to have developed her two great loves: serving God and educating young people. In a letter that shows remarkable maturity, she raised the subject with her mother: “I hope I can rely on you to do what is best, and I thank God for the wonderful parents he has given me. I hope I am not proving a disappointment to you, but it is my duty to God to follow in his calling no matter where it leads.” Sister of St Joseph Irene joined the Sisters of St Joseph in 1956 and spent the next few years teaching in country areas of Western Australia. Irene qualified as a teacher and taught in a number of schools in Australia. Her pupils remember her as feisty, difficult, caring and very human. ‘She was an extraordinary person, she was ordinary, with human frailties like the rest of us.’ After 30 years of teaching in Australian schools she made her decision that she wanted to serve the poor. Peru In 1987 Irene was sent by her Order to live and work among the people of Huasahuasi - a poor mountain village in Peru. In the Andes Mountains about 200 km from Lima. McCormack, with her companion, Sister Dorothy Stevenson, were asked to supervise the distribution of emergency goods by Caritas Peru. She provided homework facilities for the people and a library where she taught children to read and write. McCormack continued her ministry of providing library facilities to poor children, she also trained extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, as well as visiting the parishioners in outlying districts. Death At nightfall (about 6pm) on Tuesday, 21st May, an armed band of members of Sendero Luminoso entered the town of Huasahuasi, in the province of Tarma, in the Andes about 280 kms from Lima. As far as can be ascertained, the band numbered between 60 and 100. They entered a number of homes, behaving in a terrifying manner, shouting and sweeping the floor with their guns what was on tables, shelves and desks, Members of the gang also went to the convent of the Sisters of St.Joseph where Sr Irene McCormack was alone. Her companion, Sr.Dorothy Stevenson, was also on their death list, but Dorothy was in Lima for medical treatment. The terrorists did not enter the convent, but ordered Irene to come out, which eventually she did. She had no choice in the matter, as they could easily have forced her out anyway. She was also marched to the plaza and was made to sit on the benches there with the other four men. Eventually the five where ordered to lie face down on the terrazzo-tiled surface of the plaza. Each was shot once in the back of the head. Irene was the first to be killed, Eyewitnesses said that the executioners were very young, not more than 15 or 16 years of age, and obviously under the influence of drugs.
Aftermath Even though Sister Irene we killed she always be remembered because even though she knew the danger of living in Huasahuasi Sister Irene stayed and kept helping the poor. Church officials in Peru and Australia will prepare a submission to the Vatican for the cause of Sister Irene McCormack after the official canonisation of Mary MacKillop by the Pope in two weeks. Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irene_McCormack http://www.womenpriests.org/honour/mccormac.asp http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/03/23/24famccormack-aw.htm https://peacejustice.wikispaces.com/Sister+Irene+McCormack http://www.news.com.au/national/murdered-nun-irene-mccormack-could-be-our-next-saint/story-e6frfkvr-1225933285927
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