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No description

Eva Russo

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of NIKE+ FUELBAND

NIKE+ FUELBAND Eva Russo George Carlton Ellen Murphy BACKGROUND Phil Knight - Founder 1971 1955 1987 TODAY 2012 AUDIENCE Goals To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world "If you have a body, you are an athlete" Nike refers to its products as "inspiring" Calories Burned Steps Watch FUEL Goals of the FUELBAND Build Community Through A FUELBAND Ecosystem Gather Points Track Points Compete with friends online Stay connected with Facebook, Twitter Support each individual & make it about about The User Brand Advocacy Incorporate Strategy Celebrity Endorsements Shawn Johnson Lebron James Using Social for Tweets Customer Support Community & Executive Strategies Horizontal Integration Starting off with one outstanding product & building a suite of similar ones + Vertical Integration Mastering the supply chain, gaining efficiencies & maximizing capital gains + Functional Integration Having the consumer at the center & then surrounded by both products & services = ECOSYSTEM Platforms Mac/PC Mobile Xbox 360 Kinect Instantaneously Sync Create NikePlus Account Compete in NikeFuel Missions Personalized programs Measure, Compare, Compete Audience Development Nike recognizes all demographics, whereas other brands single out segments If You Have a Body, Then You Are an Athlete! Nike connects and continues to reach its audiences through... Facebook Twitter YouTube 72,429 Subscribers 170,418 Likes 126,938 Followers Nike continues to succeed and build its audience development because: 1. We all want to IMPROVE 2. Nike products have a reputation of QUALITY & ELITISM Measurement Nike Inc.'s Equipment division saw an 18% rise in profits for the 2012 fiscal year after the introduction of the Nike+ FUELBAND Before the FUELBAND's official American release, it was open for pre-order online, and was sold out both times within the same day. On Twitter it took exactly 4 minutes for all pre-ordered FUELBANDS to be sold out Time & Cost Considerations Innovate or Lose Market Share to Competitors? First-mover advantages What resources are needed & do we have enough of them? Economies of Scale Branding and partnerships needed to be formed? Nike Digital Sport Division & R/GA Agency Implementation steps to reach final goal? 2006 - Creation of NikePlus 2 years of research - Development of Fuel as universal metric for measuring activity Recommendations Enhancing the FUELBAND More COLORS
New Features Caloric in-take
Still-movement Increase LOYALTY Goal Suggestions
Spendable FUEL Points
Highlight comparative differences QUESTIONS? Recommendations How do we make this more social? Sync with machines Relays & Challenges Track Improvements Healthy food tracking Spendable FUEL Points FUELBAND Games Track Improvements Over Time Let users see their progress over time in summarized metrics that matter! Weight
Lost Body Fat % FUEL - Linked Games Have motion-based games on Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft platforms compatible with the FUELBAND! NIKEFUEL 227 See your points in real time Challenge friends NIKEFUEL NIKEFUEL 487 521 Have in-game activity sync to your account = NIKEFUEL 893 & sync to account Spendable FUEL Points View the Nike Catalog & redeem points! Donate points to charity! #SocialCharity Get new Nike Gear
#FuelFresh Relays & Challenges Pass the Baton...and compete as a TEAM! FUELBAND Relay FUELBAND Faceoff against your best friend...or RIVAL! FUELBAND Challenge OR Drives Engagement Builds Community Continued Usage Achieve Goals Greater Social Component 345 pts 600pts Food Tracking & Coupons to apply pts Scan You hit your goal 7 times use this coupon & get $1 off of a smoothie Sync With Machines Get Data on your: speed, steps, distance, reps, weight used, and calories burned Get the right FUEL for stationary activities Tap to Sync
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