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Games At Twilight

No description

Simone Stubbs

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Games At Twilight

Games At Twilight
Analysis by: Simone S, Halee O, and Taylor D
Plot Diagram
Excluding others from group activities can hurt feelings and damage self-esteem.
Ravi is crushed emotionally
Built up resentment towards his siblings
When you completely focus on winning, you have a hard time having fun as well.
Trapped in shed, mulling over dangers
Forgot the final step he needed to fulfill in order to win
General Background
Literary Elements
Falling Action
Ravi realizes everyone forgot about him
Ma tries to make Ravi stop crying
Doesn't see what the problem is
Ravi lies face down in the grass and sulks
He feels shamed
Raghue, Ravi, Ma, Manu, Mira Amu
want to go outside and play games
setting: India, dawn to dusk
Major Events
Children start playing a game, Raghue is "it"
similar to hide-and-seek
Ravi hides on a flower pot
realizes he should hide somewhere else
Ravi hides in a shed
Raghue hears him, but can't get to him
At dusk, Ravi thinks he has won the game
realizes he forgot to touch the den
Ravi bursts out of shed
Runs to the den- still trying to win
Point of View
3rd person-limited
the story expresses how Ravi feels but is not omniscient and does not clue into what else is happening or what others are feeling.
Mood and Tone
Cheerful and fun
Children playing a game creates a lighthearted feeling
Tone of determination from Ravi as he tries to win the game
Takes place in India during a hot day
Family house-hot and stuffy inside
Dark shed- area where Ravi hides during the game, in poor condition.
Used to express the hot climate in the story
"No life stirred at this arid time of day-the birds still drooped, like dead fruit, in the papery tents of the trees..."
"They burst out like seeds from a crackling over-ripe pod."
"The garden outside was like a tray made of beaten brass, flattened out of the red gravel and stony soil in all shades of metal."
Even though he won, Ravi was the last to come to the group and instead of them celebrating him, they ignored him
The game is a symbol of life
People are always competing to come out on top, and the meek (Ravi) rarely win
The dark shed is a symbol of Ravi's character
Ravi is the youngest and the most timid. He feels excluded just as the dark shed is mostly ignored on a daily basis
The long amount of time passing
The calling of "Den"
Character Analysis
Youngest,timid,wants to prove himself
Protagonist-trying to win the game
scared, but he wants to be better
Beginning-just trying to hide
Middle-determined to win
End-shamed for being forgotten
Ravi (cont.)
Indirect characterization
the author hints at Ravi's looks and attitudes (often by comparing him to Raghu)
Ravi desperately wants to win the game and prove himself t the older children
Big kid. strong soccer player, fast, mean and rough
Antagonist-trying to find (and probably hurt) Ravi
Stock-the big mean kid
Raghu is basically just there to find the kids
Raghu is still the big mean kid at the end of the story
Motivation-he just wants to remain the big guy
Ravi learned that winning was not the important thing. If he had not focused so hard on winning, he could have left the shed and had fun with the other children.
Overall, "Games at Twilight" is a lighthearted story with a basic theme. While it lacks any major plot twists, it is a fun story.
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