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Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous

Using PRESENT to talk about the Past

Hernan Montes Ramirez

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous

Quick info
It is a past event in someone´s life using Have or Has as auxiliaries that make the main Past participle verb work with a sense of a recent completed action.
When we talk about a completed action which has a result in the present time.
For important Events in people´s life.
When they happened is not important. What matters is the idea of completion.

Past events with a result in our present
Past experiences and not the time
Hernán has learnt English.
Toto has lost his home
You guys have traveled abroad.
To talk about experiences. It is important if we have done it in our lives or not. But it is not when we did it.
Kobe has scored 84 points in a game!
Winnetka´s become the oldest school
Wade has won 3 NBA rings
Finished and unfinished actions
We often use just, already and yet with the Present Perfect Tense for an action in the past with the result in the present.

done my Hw.
Have we arrived
Uncompleted actions which continue up to now.
I have been a teacher for more than ten years
We haven't seen Janice since Friday.
How long have you been at this school?
When we inform about an important event that took place.
Economy has improved in the last years!
9 out of 10 teenagers have used Facebook
FCE test has become our priority!
After this expression:
I have washed the dishes all day long!
It´s the first time...
We have read this book a lot!
Superlatives and repeated
I have bought diet Coke.
This is
the easiest
In periods between the past and now
we´ve done
He hasn't arrived
News Flash!
To Be Continued...

As well as the present perfect simple, we can use the present perfect continuous tense to talk about events with a connection to the present.
We use the present perfect continuous when
The focus is on an activity that is unfinished.
I’ve been decorating the house this summer.

The focus is on the action – decorating – and the action is unfinished.
Suggests that something is unfinished.
I’ve read that book you lent me. I finished it yesterday.
(Gives the idea of completion)

How long something has been happening
She’s been writing emails for 3 hours.
Often used to show that something is temporary.
I’ve worked here for thirty years.
(To talk about how long when we view something as permanent)
I’ve painted the living room blue.

The focus is on the finished result. We can see the result now.
I’ve been reading that book you lent me. I’ve got another 50 pages to read.
She´s written ten messages.
(How much have been completed)
I usually work in London but I’ve been working in Birmingham for the last 3 weeks.
Important to mention....
When we mean that somebody has been to a place and is not there anymore:
Have been (to)
My mom has been to the Mall. (She did some shopping)
I´ve been to the Hospital. (I am no longer there)
Have gone (to)
When we mean that somebody is in a place and has not come back yet:
Have gone (to)
My dad has gone to work in Lima. (He is still there working)
They´ve gone to the movies. (They are still in the movie theater)
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