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No description

Larken McCarthy

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Presume

Home: 1-860-379-7954
Email: laylm12@gmail.com
Cell: 1-860-307-7095
Larken McCarthy
Address: 691 West Hill Road
New Hartford Ct, 06057
Helpful Hints
White Lines: Exterior Walls
Yellow Lines: Interior Walls
Red Lines: Half-Walls
Black Lines: Doors/Doorways
Blue Lines: Furniture/Built-Ins
Built-in Bench for a Breakfast Nook
What first drew my attention to interior design and architecture was HGTV.
I loved to watch people re-imagine rooms and admired their creativity. They could take a boring box of space and transform it into something completely different.
I was always amazed by what they could do and by the difference they were able to make in peoples lives.
I loved being able to watch her entire thought process when designing a room.

My favorite part of this show is how everyone would start with the same basic assignment and all the end results were so unique.
When it came time to pick an elective in high school I was immediately drawn to the 3D Architecture program.
It was my favorite class of the day by far.
I was able to learn about different styles of houses and then design them. By the next year I had enjoyed myself so much I decided to start an independent study for the entire year just to continue designing homes.
Being able to design in both 2D and 3D made the process so much easier.
I could get an idea of what I wanted my overall layout to be with the blueprint view.
Then I was able to work in more detail with the 3D views. The overview let me take in everything at once.
I could also look at the exterior of the house.
Actually being able to go through and create a house from start to finish only solidified my belief that this was what I wanted to do in the future.
I began to experiment as I worked more and tried to make the most of the program. I began to design specific parts of a room as well as the room itself. I like to make the most of space in creative ways such as this.
I wanted to challenge myself so I thought of different types of houses to try and design.
I minimized the amount of space I had to work in.
I tried to make the most of the space by adding in storage wherever possible.
Upstairs I maximized my space and created three sleeping areas, one as a loft, as well as a bathroom and a laundry room.
I wanted to create rooms with multiple beds and I always took time to ensure they were both functional and pleasing to the eye.
I also played around with the layout and design of a bathroom. I thought it would be interesting to see what a bathroom with tiled walls would be like.
I wanted a shower you could just walk into, but I also wanted it to be it's own space, so I raised the floor.
I like to pay attention to detail even when it isn't required for the overall final result.
Such as changing the images in each frame.
Or re-designing basic cabinets for functional purposes.
Or furnishing a shelf and coordinating each item one at a time.
I pay attention to detail because I believe that it matters and it helps you to get a better idea of what living in that house would be like. If you didn't then each house would essentially be like the last because there would be nothing to set them apart.
I was intrigued by the possibilities with a circular home.
Then I wanted to try an E shaped house.
I had fun with the basement.
Reading Nooks
Raised Craft Area
I wanted to try something different so I made a sleepover room with a bunch of beds and space to hang out with friends.
I enjoy spending time designing houses because it gives me the chance to create something more tangible rather than just thinking about it.
I want to pursue a future in architecture and interior design so I have the chance to continue to make all of my ideas come alive. If I wasn't able to design homes for other people I have a feeling my own home would go through a multitude of renovations.
A career in architecture and interior design will give me the chance to see all of my dream houses come to life.
My freshman English teacher recommended we chose a job we enjoyed doing. I was never sure what that would be personally until I began my 3D Home Design class. Time flew by and I was always left wanting more. I would stay after school just to continue working because it didn't feel like work. It just felt like where I was supposed to be.
Many doors are opened inviting travel any and everywhere
I would love to travel overseas to see the design styles in other areas of the world especially because there is so much history in older buildings all around the world as well as intricate detail that is sometimes lost on newer buildings.
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