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Physics Movie Project

Three examples of good movie physics and three examples of bad movie physics!

Aileen L

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Physics Movie Project

Movie Physics Good physics!
glass stays in place even though the swordfish goes through it
Inertia of the glass prevents the entire windshield from shattering Salt Salt uses her missile launcher to blast back the CIA agents then crawls through the opening Get Smart Get Smart Good Physics!
Ordinary laser beams cannot produce visible lines
only show up in a cloud of smoke, chalk or dust in a dimly-lit room Get Smart
Overall Good Physics Bad Physics!
Newton's Third Law (F12=F21)
Every force has an equal and opposite reaction
Force out of the missile launcher must throw Evelyn Salt backwards Salt Salt Good Physics!
Projectile motion
Accelerates downward but not horizontally, lands right near bridge
Launched up at an angle but falls instantaneously due to gravity Credits
Physics Demystified
http://www.intuitor.com Bad Physics!
Magnetic fields created would pull airplanes
Would induce currents in conductive materials (human hearts & brains) Avatar Salt
Okay Physics Calculating Projectile Motion
incline=40 degrees
t= 1.5s
a=9.8 m/s^2
V=10mph=4.47 m/s^2 V(v)=3.42 m/s^2 v(h)= 2.87 m/s^2

horizontal displacement: 4.31 m (14.14 ft)
vertical displacement: 11.66 m (38.25 ft) Good & Bad Physics
weaker gravity= less downward acceleration
humans should be able to jump higher
avatars are 10 ft tall
less gravitational force means more mobility earlier in the movie, gravity on pandora is mentioned to be weaker than on earth (P(a)<g) Avatar
Poor Physics Aileen Lee Conclusion!
Better movie ratings come with inaccurate physics Avatar
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