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Criteria vs Constraints

No description

Armani Lamanna

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Criteria vs Constraints

Criteria vs Constraints
These are generated once the brief has been understood and the customer requirements are defined. They do not specify a solution. They’re both important, but discreetly different. Recognise the difference between them.

Constraints – are limits on design freedom (Dieter and Schmidt 2009: 92). They form a ‘checklist’ (Dym et al 2009: 71). They define where the design should start and stop by either adhering to it or not; for example a ladder should have a step deflection of 1.25mm or not (Dym et al 2009: 50), either it meets the Constraint or not. They may be a specific size limit determined by factors beyond the control of design (consider the limits on aircraft baggage Figure 2). Constraints may be physical limits or standards such as British Standards, ISO or governmental requirements. In Figure 1, the design is guided down this ‘tunnel’ or boundary lines, the Constraints define the boundary line limits.

If the brief specifies;
A value or a number – it is a Constraint
The design must contain a certain requirement - it is a Constraint
The design should contain a certain requirement - it is a Constraint
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