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WeSoar Global Research on Entrepreneurial Women

Launched at WeSymposium, Amsterdam 10 June 2013

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Transcript of WeSoar Global Research on Entrepreneurial Women

A global research project
on women entrepreneurs
Project idea
Project Team Constituted
Design the Research
Appoint Board of Advisers
Project Experts
Knowledge Experts
Annemieke Lof-deKok
Emma Meuleman
Madeleine vd Steege
Riana van den Bergh
Tina Thomson
Project Name?
Phase 1
Agree to partner
Create a project team
Find a name & scope it
Sign MOU
Phase 2
Design the Research
Appoint Board of Advisers
Pilot Interviews
Website & Logo
Launch @WESymposium

WESymposium 9 -11 June 2013
Day 1
lunch WeSoar

Our WeSoar Innovation Hub Team
Open letter to Corrine Heijn

Dearest Corrine
I would like to
thank you
Personally the entire WESymposium was a wonderful experience. Inspiring, stretching, exhausting, illuminating challenging and enabling all of us as women entrepreneurs. The network you have created is an invaluable community with shared values and it is priceless to belong. Just priceless! Just in these few short days since the WESymposium, we have continued to connect and support and equip each other. For example, I connected Elizabeth Thande to Nsure (interviewed through WeSoar) for crop viability tests, Michelle Booysen and I are exchanging methodologies,. Lizette Smook has some Canadian pet supplements on the way to her Hong Kong address for her furry child and we are incubating new product synergies, Dana offered some input on Fair Trade suppliers. Just to mention a few. If you had to track everyone else you have impacted - I imagine it would be staggering.

I understand how close UnitedSucces is to your heart. Allowing the proposal of our joint WeSoar research project to launch itself at the debut WESymposium with so much at stake for you, was most generous and gracious and I can imagine not without stress.. At the WESymposium, WeSoar achieved the goal of creating awareness for the global project. And following your example, the women truly embraced it.

I hope in some small way we contributed. We are committed to harvest these seeds and trust that WeSoar will generate immeasurable pleasure and value in the future.

In conclusion I want to express my heartfelt thanks Corrine. Thank you Tina for being such a wonderful ambassador! Thank you to the entire UnitedSucces team for your sacrifice, hard work and support to make the WeSymposium happen with such splendor.
With warmest wishes and gratitude Madeleine x
PS herewith a project overview:)
Thank you!
for further info:
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