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Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

No description

Jaclyn Woods

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

By Frank McCourt
In Teacher Man, Frank McCourt turns his attention to lectures-teaching: why it's so important, why it's so undervalued. He describes his own coming of age-as a teacher, a storyteller, and, a writer. Using stories of his triumphs, failures, and everything in between, McCourt brings you through his journey to become a teacher. He instinctively identifies with the underdog; his sympathies lie more with students than administrators. It takes him almost fifteen years to find his voice in the classroom, but what's clear in Teacher Man is that from the beginning he seizes and holds his students' attention by telling them memorable stories.
Teacher Man
Hardships of Teaching
Dealing with difficult students
Student "Admiration"
Appropriate conversations in the workplace
Change of environment
Peer evaluation
Engaging the Students
McCourt used students' interests to capture their attention
Related interests to class material

(Ch. 13) Culinary skills, picnic & sharing of recipes
(Ch. 13) "Sex & food"

HS Math & baking cookies (quadratics)
HS English reading: Shakespeare, The Catcher in the Rye, etc.

Different Learning Styles
All students learn in different ways
McCourt tries different styles throughout his career until he found what worked best in his classes
Nothing is perfect

Animated classroom with stories and discussions
Tries to be a stern teacher (students disengage)
Both teacher and student would develop and teach the class
Real world connections
using all different types of text-sets
everybody hates the teachers who read straight out of textbook
Teacher Man by Frank McCourt
The change from teaching as a job, to teaching for genuine student advancement and learning.
McCourt transforms from a teacher who shows up everyday, talks about himself to keep students interested, and completing his administrative duties, to a teacher that uses those stories as the backbone of lessons and true learning.
McCourt learns that teaching is not only delivering material, but using your experiences and background to connect with students and inspire the desire to learn.

Teaching as a profession
Chapter One: McCourt's thoughts and responsibilities as a new teacher on the first day of school.
Chapter Four: McCourt’ start as a teacher
Chapter Ten: The class outing
Real World Connections:
Establishing a place in the classroom
Teaching for a paycheck to teaching for students

Throughout the book, different stereotypes are portrayed by the characters
The different stereotypes are mainly related to culture

In the book:
Stereotypes about the Irish
"I'll tell the parents you're just an Irish immigrant off the boat."(pg 23)
How different ethnicities view each other: Sal and Louise (pg.92)
How teachers treat 'bad' kids: Kevin Dunne (pg. 95)

In our world:
Racism and prejudices in the classroom
The importance of respecting and encouraging ALL students
Authority in the Classroom
Theme: The teacher man is trying to obtain the respect of the students but he is trying to gain it by allowing the students do what they want

Examples: (Chp 1), He told stories to the students instead of teaching
- He ate a student sandwich of a student to show them who was the boss???
Real world Connections
Teachers become friends with students to obtain their trust
-give them more independence to not lose their friendship and respect
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